Supreme Crazy Wife

Although Leng Ruoxue is born mentally challenged, she is the most beloved granddaughter of the number one general in the Eastern Lake Nation. She is despised by her fiancé and schemed against by her love rival. However, she is reborn as a powerful soul. This is a fantasy world, and also a world where the strong are respected. Cultivation, alchemy, weapon refinement, beast taming—the once foolish young miss has transformed into a stunning genius. Pill refinement and weapon refinement are all child's play. Heaven Grade medicinal pill? Even my pets won't turn an eye to it. Heavenly Treasure? I have the space to grow my own. Sacred artifact? Sorry, that's too low a level. I only know how to refine divine artifacts. Beast taming? My beasts deliver themselves to my doorstep.

Cat Baby · Fantasy
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Where Am I?

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The contract methods for spirit beasts were mainly two types: the equal contract and the master-slave contract. But these two contracts applied only to mature spirit beasts, and a beast trainer had to tame them before forming a contract. For spirit beast eggs, the process was not as troublesome. Just dripping a drop of blood on an egg was all it took to recognize a master. Furthermore, contracts established this way led to better tacit understanding between the spirit beast and the owner than ones formed with mature spirit beasts. Therefore, some top families would give their geniuses the eggs of high-level spirit beast for them to nurture from birth. But raising spirit beasts from infancy was very time-consuming and resource-intensive, whereas mature spirit beasts could be utilized directly. So many preferred to spend a lot of money to employ a beast trainer to tame a mature spirit beast rather than waiting for a high-level spirit beast cub to mature because it took too long.

"I'll call you 'Blaze'!" Leng Ruoxue's long and slender fingers gently teased the little beast, which was still gnawing on his eggshell. Surprisingly, this little thing was already a level eight spirit beast from birth.

"Senior Brother Leng, who is this woman?" The siblings were chatting happily when a somewhat sharp voice suddenly interrupted them.

Leng Ruoxue's beautiful eyes looked up with displeasure at the source of the voice, only to see a woman staring at her with a face full of envy. The scowl on the woman's face ruined her originally pretty looks. And the way she looked at her big brother was as though he was her property and she couldn't wait to swallow him all for herself. As she looked at Leng Ruoxue, her fiery-red eyes were flashing with vicious hatred. Did I offend her somehow? Leng Ruoxue speechlessly turned her gaze to her too beautiful brother, this source of calamity. Jealous women were unreasonable, but blindly jealous women were dreadful! In particular, her jealous glare made it seem as though someone had murdered her entire family!

"Who let you enter?" Leng Ruohan's voice was cold and indifferent. What's wrong with Ming An? Didn't I tell him not to let anyone disturb me?

"Senior Brother Leng, who is this woman?" Fu Mingzhu questioned as if she didn't hear the indifference and displeasure in Leng Ruohan's voice. She was the most beloved eldest young lady of the Fu family and the number one beauty in the Eastern Lagoon Empire. She had long believed that Senior Brother Leng would belong to her sooner or later. But now, a woman he was treating special appeared, and this woman was even more beautiful than her, making a fire of jealousy blaze in her heart. She hated the fact that there even existed women who were more beautiful than her, not to mention this one who came to snatch Senior Brother Leng away from her. Furthermore, she had always wanted that blazing flame lion egg, yet he actually gave it to this woman. As she looked at that cute little lion gnawing on the eggshell, the flames of jealousy in her heart burned even more violently.

"Get out!" Leng Ruohan couldn't even bother with her.

"Senior Brother Leng, we are about to become engaged. How can you treat me like this?" Fu Mingzhu said with grief as tears began to well up in her eyes, making her look extremely pitiful, to the point where she was tugging at other's heartstrings.

Looking at how this overbearing woman suddenly turned into a delicate woman who seemed to have suffered bullying in the blink of an eye, Leng Ruoxue couldn't help be wide-eyed. Her change was so fast. Why doesn't she go into acting? She's definitely at the level of an award-winning actress. She then looked at her brother with some sympathy. This woman isn't blackmailing him somehow, right? Otherwise, why would he become engaged to her? I didn't hear Grandpa mention thisOr even Grandpa doesn't know? Leng Ruoxue's beautiful eyes darted about as she made all sorts of wild guesses.

"Get out!" Leng Ruohan came to the end of his patience. If she weren't his good friend's sister, he would have thrown her out.

"Wuwuwu…" Fu Mingzhu sobbed bitterly as she ran away. She was going to find her big brother to complain. She would not let that woman go.

"Big Brother…"

"Don't bother about her. She's just my good friend's sister," Leng Ruohan said casually.

The siblings weren't really bothered by this sudden incident and continued chatting for a while. Seeing that it was getting late, Leng Ruoxue was afraid that grandfather would be worried, so she left the academy under the reluctant gaze of her brother. Before leaving, she gave her brother a bottle of crystal honey from her grandfather. Crystal honey had the effect of improving spiritual power, which he needed right now.

"Miss, you're back." As Leng Ruoxue entered Listening Snow Pavilion, Cui Zhu welcomed her back.


"Xue'er is back. Ah? This little blazing flame lion…" Leng Qingtian, who had been waiting for his granddaughter to return in Listening Snow Pavilion, looked at the little lion lying in Xue'er's arms. This little fellow was actually already a level eight spirit beast.

"His name is 'Blaze', a gift from Big Brother," Leng Ruoxue said helplessly. When Baby woke up and saw this little lion, he began to throw a temper tantrum at her!

"Grandpa also has something for you." Leng Qingtian took out a purple bracelet and handed it to her.

Leng Ruoxue took the bracelet. The transparent bracelet looked a bit like a piece of glass-like purple jade. How exquisite! Is it a piece of jewelry? Storage bracelets don't seem this beautiful.

"This is the Leng family's family heirloom. It's a storage bracelet. However, we've never had anyone in the family who could become its owner. Grandpa is giving it to you now," Leng Qingtian explained.

"Couldn't become its owner?" After her grandpa left, Leng Ruoxue murmured while looking at the purple bracelet on her snow-white wrist.

After thinking about it, Leng Ruoxue condensed spiritual energy into a needle and pierced a fingertip to drip a drop of blood onto the bracelet.

"Where am I? Baby?"

"Big Sister!" Baby cried with his puerile voice.

With Baby in her arms, Leng Ruoxue calmed down and began to observe the surrounding scenery. Overhead was a cloudless blue sky. The spiritual energy in the air was exceptionally rich. Not far away, there was a forest with trees full of fruits, and opposite the forest was a house made of purple bamboo. On the left side of the house were a few fields full of all kinds of flowers and plants, most of which she didn't know, and one field with nothing planted in it. Not far away from the fields was a small pond constructed of white jade. In the pond was a spring with water flowing out, but the spring water was milky white and exuded an exotic fragrance. Can this even be considered spring water? On the right side of the house were several larger ponds, similarly made of white jade, with all sorts of fish and crustaceans thriving within. About a kilometer behind the house was a waterfall with water continuously flowing into the pool below, in which were some white transparent fish swimming around leisurely. Surrounding these spectacular sights was a curtain of thick mist preventing her from seeing beyond. Where am I? Leng Ruoxue was puzzled and had a multitude of questions.