10 Great Fortune Star

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"But Big Brother, we risked our lives to get this item! Furthermore, we still have to hand this item over to our mentor so that we can advance levels smoothly!"

"What's the big deal? You cannot achieve big things if you cannot sacrifice small things. Furthermore, as long as we have these Immortal Pills, we can still advance. Don't worry, I'll continue to complete the training with you."

Xia Xi was very smart. He had used the Invigorate Immortal Pill and the Healing Immortal Pill to obtain the Beast Essence. With so many Immortal Pills, there was no worry that they would not be able to complete the mission.

Seeing that Xia He didn't seem willing to hand over the beast essence, Xia Xi glared fiercely at Xia He again. Other than his eldest brother, Xia Xi was the one who doted on him the most. Furthermore, he usually spent the most time with Xia Xi, so he listened to him the most.

"Alright, I'll do whatever you say." As he spoke, he took out the beast essence from his pocket.

Xia Xi turned around and said to Zhang Feng, "Boss, this is the beast essence that we got from hunting the Purple-Spotted Hyena in the Forest of the Moon Falls. I wonder how many essence stones you can exchange it for?"

As he spoke, he passed the beast essence over to Zhang Feng.

Zhang Feng did not know what this beast essence was and whether it was worth the money. Hence, he could only look at the beast essence on Xia Xi's palm and use his mind to seek out the system.

Zhang Feng said, "System, do you know if this Beast Essence will be of any help to us?" He had just arrived in this world for a short period of time. Although he knew that there were wild beasts and demonic beasts in this world, he did not dare to accept anything randomly. If anything went wrong, Zhang Feng would make a loss.

The system scanned the Beast Essence in Xia Xi's hand and a small circle of light appeared. "Analysing item. Please wait."

After a few seconds, the scan results were out. The system replied to Zhang Feng, "This type of beast essence meets the advanced exchange condition. Host, please don't worry and purchase it at ease."

However, in the next second, the system made a note. "Due to the low level of the shop, there will be a certain amount of loss during the currency conversion. Please understand."

Zhang Feng nodded his head and rubbed the newly grown stubble on his chin. He continued to use his mind to ask the system, "System, give me a suggestion for the price."

The system also answered Zhang Feng without any hesitation, "I suggest the price to be 100 Essence Stones!"

Unexpectedly, this Beast Essence was actually for advanced exchanges. He did not expect the system to give him this information.

It meant that other than coins and Essence Stones, there would be more currency to purchase with and sell even more top-grade items in the future!

Perhaps it was because Zhang Feng was caught in the system's words, he was stunned for a moment. Hence, Xia Xi shouted, "Boss?"

Zhang Feng snapped back to his senses and said, "We can purchase this item. The price is 100 Essence Stones. What do you think?"

Because he wanted others to think that he was not a unscrupulouss businessman, he answered calmly.

After hearing Zhang Feng's price, Xia He's face darkened once again. He raised his fist again and said, "You conscienceless merchant, this is the beast essence of a demon beast! If we sell it to someone else, it will cost at least 150 Essence Stones. And you want to buy it for just 100 Essence Stones?!"

After all, beast essence was not something that could be obtained easily. Beast essence could only be obtained from beasts that are at least at the level of Demonic Beasts and above. Small wild beasts did not have beast essence, and beast essence had many uses.

Whether it was forging weapons or forging armors, they could all be used. They were also extremely valuable even if they were used for alchemy and medicine testing. Even the beast essence of the lowest grade demon beast was extremely precious.

Of course, the higher the grade of the Beast Essence, the more valuable it was. However, their Beast Essence was definitely worth more than 100 Essence Stones.

Zhang Feng shrugged his shoulders. "Oh, then there's no other way. Our deal is not successful then."

At this moment, Xia Xi spoke first, "Sure, then let's use 100 Essence Stones to trade!" After saying that, Xia Xi handed the beast essence to Zhang Feng.

Even though he was very unconvinced and his eyes were burning with anger, Xia Xi really needed Essence Stones now.

"But big brother… isn't this too much of a disadvantage to us?"

"Don't talk too much. Just listen to me and don't say anything!" Xia Xi's tone was very unpleasant. Perhaps he felt that Zhang Feng had tricked them.

Xia He might be tall and strong, but his temper was like that of a child. After being reprimanded by Xia Xi, he puffed up his cheeks. He seemed to be very unconvinced, but there was nothing he could do.

"So, we can now buy a lot of things with 100 Essence Stones. We still have 30 essence stones on us, so that's 130 essence stones." As he said that, Xia Xi passed all the essence stones on him to Zhang Feng.

"We want this Continuous Energy Immortal Pill, the Invigorate Immortal Pill, and the Healing Immortal Pill." Xia Xi took the Immortal Pills from the display cabinet and placed them in his pocket.

As for things like Godspeed Immortal Pills, he was a Mage and Xia He was a Warrior, so he didn't seem to have much interest in them.

There was also the Divine Immortal Pill. In fact, many Mages had skills that could increase their effects. Hence, Xia Xi did not consider it.

"Mmm, thank you very much for your patronage. You are welcome to come again next time." Zhang Feng also smiled and placed the beast essence and the 30 other Essence Stones on his counter.

Seeing how Zhang Feng was grinning like that, Xia He felt even more that they had been cheated by him. Hence, he wanted to say something but Xia Xi pulled on the corner of his shirt. He could only turn his head in frustration and snort coldly.

Right at this moment, the system's voice sounded in Zhang Feng's mind again. "Congratulations, host…"

Upon hearing the system's words, Zhang Feng knew that he must have gotten another reward. As expected, the system continued, "Side quest completed: Trade with returning customers. Completion rate: 1/1."

"What about the reward?" Actually, what Zhang Feng was most concerned about was the reward given by the system.

System: "There will definitely be rewards. After completing this side quest, the shop system will be upgraded."

Upon hearing that, Zhang Feng realized that this was great. Initially, his shop was still in tatters. It was all thanks to his two brothers from the Xia family that he was able to complete a main mission and a side mission. It seemed like these two brothers were really his lucky stars.

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