129 Sacred-blood Fox King

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If Han Sen was alone, he could simply summon the purple-winged dragon beast soul and fly up. However, he had Wang Mengmeng to protect and could not do that.


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The huge body of the rock worm fell and made a pit in the ground. Sand flying and pebbles rolling, it was more terrifying than a grenade explosion.

Even more frightening was that more rock worms were coming out from underground and as far as the team could see, the ground was covered by these worms which were at least hundreds in number.

In front of them were rock worms and behind them were the tide of fox-like creatures. They were besieged by the creatures.

Han Sen and Gambler looked into each other's eyes and understood each other's thoughts. Gambler gritted his teeth and said, "You protect her, I will clear the way."

Gambler took back his mount and rushed toward the fox-like creatures. He was even faster than his mutant mount..

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