780 Bug Fight

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Han Sen watched the flower open from afar. Slowly, the petals unfurled; it was a beautiful thing to watch.

Not long after, the sky went dark and the moon arose. Under the gleaming moonlight, the flower fully opened.

In the center of the flower, golden pistils grew outwards as if reaching for the nighttime sun. It was pretty like jade, and it shone gold in the grace of the moonbeams.

The sweet fragrance became stronger at this point. Even Han Sen, who was three hundred meters away, became enveloped by the smell. It gave him the urge to run up to the flower and lick it for a tantalizing taste of the juices within.

Suddenly, however, there was movement from the beehive. The golden-winged bees outside began to go crazy until eventually, a one foot long crystal-gold bee king exited the tunnels that led into the interior of the beehive.


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