Sunshine in apocalypse(Escanor)

Worst of my FanFics and not a serious one either. So you are warned. Well let me get 2-3 things out of the way first. So that the people who don’t look at the tags know what they are getting themselves into. I don’t want them to moan in the novel because of this. This is (Wish Fulfilment) Mc is Op with a capital O The Harem will be big to Huge More of a Hentai than a serious novel tbh If it’s not your Cup of tea then don’t read and please leave like a respectful person. No one needs haters for no reason. I get that you didn’t like the character or found it hard to read then just leave. No need to bad mouth me or my character. Anyways, enjoy for those who like it. Alex was feeling distraught from his fourth breakup. He didn’t understand that why this was happening to him. He followed all of his Gf’s whims but still got disappointed. He vowed to just sit at home nice and quiet and just enjoy some good novels. He had a Apocalyptic Harem novels, manga and Anime list that was still unfinished. As he finished his whole list. Suddenly, the whole building started shaking. He fucking knew that the construction of this Apartment building was poor. As he thought of this, the building collapsed and he died as he was buried under the rubble. Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to characters that have been already established but I own the right to my original story and characters.

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6. Mama Raikou

Mamako got to her Sister's Villa. Her Villa was quite big and had a very pleasant environment. There was a big Garden up front with a lot of flowers as well as an artificial lake that gave serenity and peace.

Raikou's Villa designed like a typical Japanese Villa with paper sliding doors and a large double wooden door upfront. The Villa was two storeys high with a very artistic feel to it.

Mamako got in front of the Villa and a scanner popped up that scanned her body and confirmed her identity. After her identity was confirmed, the doors of the Villa opened on their own and allowed her passage.

Alex looked at this technology with wonder and amazement. The technology was truly advanced as it scanned Mamako's whole body and also scanned him but didn't say anything probably because Mamako was carrying him.

He got inside the Villa as he was held in Mamako's hands and saw the serene Villa from the inside. The pathway was quite spacious and clean. You could also see some robots going here and there as they cleaned the Pathway.

Suddenly a blur came into their view and Alex felt that he was lifted from Mamako's hands and got into someone else's. He was startled greatly but still looked at his captor and saw a beauty that could topple countries.

She had a sharp angular face with Purple eyes that shone like gems. She had glossy Purple hairs that flowed down behind her like a curtain. All of this added to her charm and she looked very beautiful.

She was wearing an apron and with a turtle neck sweater and a jean behind that apron. Her boobs were big and perky, making people look at them and just want to take a feel.

"Mamako, you're here". Raikou said but all of her attention was at Alex in her arms. She completely ignored Mamako and just gve a perfunctory greeting. She was currently playing with Alex while cradling him in her arms.

"Give him back". Mamako said with a dangerous air to her. She was demon unleashed from hell as her hair started to float up and a suffocating pressure came from her.

"Ohh, you want to fight with me". Raikou said as she held Alex to her bosom tightly and also unleashed her demon mode in front of Mamako. Her eyes started to shine while a dark aura surrounded her.

Alex was sweating from the heavy pressure in the surroundings. Even though he was feeling none of it as both of them made sure that he wouldn't be affected by it. But the aura from them was enough for him sweat buckets in nervousness.

After a short stare off, both of them backed down and Mamako just let Raikou hold Alex for now. Both of them started to walk together towards the hall in a palpitating silence. Alex was feeling very uncomfortable from all of this but he just couldn't do anything about it.

After getting themselves comfortable on the Sofas. Raikou brought up the most essential question. "Mamako, where did you get this little cutie". Raikou said as she played with Alex in her arms.

"Someone left him at my door last night. He is my lucky star, Right after he came to me. I awakened my powers. Now I am also an evolved, look look". Bamako at first had a sad expression but soon she beamed in joy as she mentioned Alex being her lucky star.

Mamako stood up as she summoned her twins swords. The swords radiated a good amount of power from them. Raikou turned a bit more serious as she looked at Mamako's swords that she summoned. Alex also looked at Mamako's swords and nodded to himself in his mind.

Raikou stood up from the sofa as she came to Mamako and scanned her with her aura. "Hmm, you have the power of a Tier 3 evolver but there is still a distance from Tier 4". Raikou herself was a Tier 5 evolved so she was easily able to gauge Mamako's power.

"What have you decided regarding your powers?" Raikou looked at Mamako seriously as she asked.

"That's why I came here. I want to join your hunting team and would also like you to help me register with your Guild". Mamako asked a she looked at Raikou.

Raikou nodded at her words and said. "Well, Super God Gene will be happy to let you join". Raikou said with a smile.

There quite a lot of Guilds in this era. Super God Gene that is eld by the strongest person of humanity, Elvovers' association that is led by the Government, Thuunder God guild that is ranked second in the world, Then there is HR Alliance led by the powerful and influential families in the world.

"Why don't you stay with me from now on. I have a Villa here, so you don't need to buy one of your own and Alex will also be able to get a better school if you stay in this area". Raikou said seriously as she wanted Mamako to stay so that she can live with her sister and also play with the cute Alex.

At first Mamako was going to deny resolutely but when she heard about Alex staying here and going to a better school in the future, she faltered. She could buy a Villa of her own but it will take time to make money with just Tier 3 strength and she might not be able to get it before Alex grew up.

"Haaa, you win". Mamako sighed and gave up.

Hearing Mamako's reply, Raikou beamed up as she started dancing with Alex in her arms. Alex, the little pervert saw a very good deal being made as this is a result he would've wanted anyway. So, he just stuck to Raikou's boobs and enjoyed his time.

"Okay, let's get you registered. I just need to make a call for someone to come here". Raikou said as she started walking towards her room but she never let Alex down.

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