1 Ohh Shit!

On a dark stormy night with heavy rain and thunder with lighting booms at the sky from time to time and inside a small apartment bedroom.

A guy was sitting in front of a computer as he reads his favorite novels, as he scrolls down to click for the next chapter of the novel. A sudden pop up appears in front of him, it reads:

"Complete the Survey and Get the Rewards of your Choice"

"A survey? Alright, it's not like I'll lose something" the guy mumbles.

The guy accepts and a series of question appears in front of him.

[If you were given a chance to go to any world that you want, what world will it be?]

"Any world? Like those in the Novels? Now, that is interesting" said the guy smiling.

"Hmm... then I'll pick the Apocalyptic World with Zombies and monster.. Oh yeah and sent! Next one!"

[Then who would be the woman that you want to be yours from now on and how many girls would you want to be your wife/wives?]

"Huh? Wow, isn't this like asking me to create a harem? Tsk, tsk. The person who made this survey is simply a genius"

"What about model Kendall Jenner? wait..wait, I like Emilia Clarke too and Anna Kendrick..Wow, how could i forget about her!

"Amanda Lee, I like her the most! and not sure about creating a harem though" the dude started typing with that perverted look on his face, like his already imagining becoming Amanda's boyfriend.

[If you were given any abilities, what would they be?]

"A Sharpshooter and a Martial Artist!" the guy yelled, like he's already prepared for the answer.

[Last question, how would you like to die?]

[A. Killed by a Truck B. Killed by a Lighting Strike . Killed by a Heart Attack?]

"Now, that's some weird and f*cked up question. Anyway, let's see here..hmmm getting killed by a truck is too much like cliche thing, already overused. Killed by a lightning strike? Hmm..getting killed by heart attack? Who the heck made this f*cked up question? No! That sounds painful and horrible! Geez!"

"I'll pick lightning strike instead, it's way more cooler, maybe i'll be even able to control lightning, mwahahaha!" the guy laughed like a stupid idiot and he submitted his survey and on his screen appeared the words…


"What the heck? f*cking junk. Hays, I should buy a new computer tomorrow" said the guy angrily and the screen change to "All Preparations Complete and all your answers will be your Rewards! Goodluck!"

"Huh? What does that me-" the guy wasn't able to finish what he was about to say as a lightning strike burst his apartment window, hitting him on the head.

'Oh shit! I am soooo dead! Good thing that i'm not a virgin anymore though' was the guy's last thoughts as he fell down on the floor as he was consumed by endless darkness.

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