12 I only need 3 minutes

Chapter 12:

The battle started immediately.

When Akira and Minato moved to attack, Musashi, who had been vigilant, quickly found out and reacted.

"Ambushed, quickly raise your guards!" Musashi yelled, and the two special jonin beside him also immediately went on guard and confronted Akira and Minato.

"Akira!" Kushina eyes lit up in joy, and those eyes were suddenly brighter than the stars, staring fixedly on Akira's body.

"Kushina, I'm here to save you. Don't worry, you will be fine soon." Akira also saw Kushina and saw the exhaustion that couldn't be concealed on her face. Fortunately, she was not injured, so Akira is slightly relieved.

"It turned out to be two little brats! Two little brats that want to save people, tsk, it's so blatantly stupid!" One of the special jonin was a little frightened at first, but after seeing that it is two little kids, he laughed and said full of disdain.

Two little brats, what storm can they cause?

Musashi also breathed a sigh of relief, also feeling a little contemptuous.

Akira squinted his eyes and looked at the three special Jonins. He quickly determined that Musashi was the leader of the three. Akira whispered: "Minato, you try to hold one of them. I only need three minutes."

"Three minutes?" Minato was taken aback.

"Don't drag me down, don't tell me you cannot even hold for three minutes." Akira glanced at Minato and said.

These words immediately light up Minato fighting spirit. He said: "ok I will do it." In Minato heart, he is somewhat unconvinced and he want to see what Akira can do. He don't believe that Akira was capable of dealing with both special jonins.

"Three minutes?" Musashi also heard Akira's words, laughed, and sneered at Akira: "Did I heard that right, this kid want to beat the two of us in three minutes?"

The two special jonins next to him also laughed and sneered at Akira.

Akira squinted his eyes, his eyes turned blood red and the two tomoe sharingan became clearly visible.

"Oh, is that right, let's give it a try then." As soon as Akira's voice fell, he moved toward the other Special Jonin who was next to Musashi!

Musashi is the leader of these three special jonin ninjas, and his strength should be the strongest, so Akira first choose a special jonin next to him, choosing to take down the weakest in the team first.

"Huh, kid, you really want to die!" The special jonin sneered, and the kunai in his hand shot out, and at the same time he faced Akira. The ninja from kumo are generally good at taijutsu, swordsmanship and lightning release. With no exception, this special jonin is also the same and he planned to use taijutsu to deal with Akira.

Chakra condensed on the long blade and the special jonin slashed forward in high speed, attacking toward Akira!

Kushina exclaimed, full of tension.

The special jonin mouth showed a cruel and confident smile as he believe that his slash is impeccable in terms of strength and speed. He didn't believe that this kid could escape from the slash, but the next scene made the special jonin suddenly open his eyes in shocked.

Caw, caw, caw.

Akira's body has scattered and turned into a group of crows, the crows then scattered and the knife didn't even touch the crow and hit empty air.

"This, this is genjutsu? When did it happen?" The special jonin was surprised and uttered in horror.

He could see that Akira had escaped the knife with illusion.

Genjutsu, the crow clone jutsu! Of course Akira can easily avoid the blow with this genjutsu.

"Don't waste your efforts. When you look at my sharingan, you were already trap in the genjutsu that I arranged." Akira's voice faintly sounded. At the same time, Akira use his sharingan again and use another genjutsu.

The crows gather, Akira's figure appeared back: "Demonic illusion, tree binding death!"

It's another genjutsu, but it is an attack type genjutsu. In the original story, Kurenai Yuhi used this genjutsu. Akira had been working hard training not only his ninjutsu, but also genjutsu! Now it seems that the genjutsu is very effective, which makes him very satisfied.

In the genjutsu world, Akira's body slowly disappeared, trees and vines then emerged from under the special jonin, directly binding his body and restrict his movement.

"Another genjutsu…!" The special jonin said in shocked, his tone is full of horror and his scalp turned numb. This kid is actually a genjutsu specialist! And he didn't even know what genjutsu he had fallen to as fell into the dept of the abyss!

The special jonin was bound by the trees and vines, and at the same time Akira suddenly came out from the trees and attacked.

The special jonin couldn't react at all as Akira's kunai pierced his body. The special jonin could only let out a pained sceamed as he is pierced by Akira.

Very quickly, the special jonin fell to the ground softly and died in reality as well.

Akira had killed a special jonin!

Musashi's eyes widened, and he noticed Akira's scarlet sharingan.

"It is the famous sharingan! Genjutsu! You are from Konoha Uchiha's clan!" Musashi was shocked and finally found that he had underestimated Akira. This kid is actually from Konoha Uchiha's clan!

Ignoring the astonishment of Musashi, Akira calmly glanced at the dead Special jonin, and then glanced at the fight between Minato and the other Special jonin in the distance.

Minato tried his best to fight and stall the Special jonin as the two sides remain in stalemate. Minato uses his intelligence and creativity as he continue to stall the special jonin, which Akira discreetly nodded. As expected of the future fourth hokage of Konoha, he is doing very well.

"One trouble has been solved, the next one is you." With a smile on Arkira's lips, he stretched out two fingers: "There are two minutes left."

Akira had easily solved a special jonin in just one minute.

There are two minutes left to deal with Musashi.

Musashi was silent. When Akira said at the beginning that the battle would be solved in three minutes, he still sneered with disdain, but now he had taken down a special jonin in just one minute, which is a very shocking feat.

A bead of sweat fell from Musashi's forehead, and he found that he didn't know when, but he became nervous.

The kid in front of him was mysterious and weird. Which make him lost his confidence in dealing with the kid.

After gritting his teeth, Musashi decided to attack preemptively and roared, "Go die, kid!"

In an instant, Musashi threw a dozen shurikens which separated into different directions as it flew towards Akira.

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