267 Forever By Your Side

"I think it is somewhere around here…" Lux muttered as he walked down the hallways, heading towards Cai's room in the academy.

He had been talking to Keane for half an hour, but the Boar still hadn't returned, prompting the Half-Elf to look for it.

Keane had told him which area its room was, as well as Cai's room number, so Lux decided to go and find the Boar himself to ask for it to show him the gift it had been talking about earlier.

"Ah, this must be it," Lux glanced at the room with the number sixty-nine on it and opened the door without even bothering to knock.

Since the Boar was an annoying character, he planned to annoy it as well.

The moment the Half-Elf entered the room, he came face to face with a naked, beautiful young lady, with long brown hair who was brushing her hair at the moment.


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