2 Command You to Get Out of City Lord's Mansion!

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"Another half a year, and I'll be 16 years old. It is the age when one becomes an adult in this world. At that time, I can leave the city lord's mansion and go look for mom… I don't know how she is doing outside all these years…

"Forget it, don't think about those! I'll gather my elementary force and raise my ability as soon as possible. In this way, I'll be able to gain a foothold in this heavenly mainland, where the strongest becomes the king. If I don't have the ability to protect myself, once I step out of the city lord's mansion, forget about mom, I'm afraid I will lose my life…"

Lou Qianxue restrained her thoughts and started to cultivate.

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She had previously told Lou Xingchen that she would perfect her elementary force very soon. It had not been a lie.

Because, unlike what the outsiders perceived her as, she was actually not a good-for-nothing.

In reality, when she had started to cultivate at the age of six years old, her cultivation speed had been many times faster than ordinary people. For ordinary people, it took three days to finish absorbing the potency of the Peiyuan pill, an inferior-grade pill. However, it only took her one hour to finish absorbing all of it.

It was not that during these 10 years, she was incapable or useless, which led to her being unable to cultivate her elementary force. The reason was something else. Ever since the day she transmigrated and was reborn, a mysterious white paper resided inside her dantian.

Whenever she started to cultivate, that white paper acted like an endless pit. It greedily absorbed all the elementary force that she had cultivated.

She had told her mother about this problem before, but she had only told her solemnly to work hard and cultivate. She told her to try her best to 'feed' the white paper full. In addition, she could not let anyone else know about the existence of the mysterious white paper.

Hence, for so many years, even though she had been so closely attached to Lou Xingchen, she had never revealed to her the secret of the mysterious white paper.

For 10 years, she used her elementary force to nourish the mysterious white paper. The paper that had started off as snow white in color, now had the pure gold color.

Lou Qianxue used her mental strength to observe the mysterious paper in her dantian. She was somewhat looking forward to it in her heart. "Mom said before that when the white paper will become completely colored in gold, it will not absorb my elementary force anymore. At that time, I can compact my elementary force…"

She could then get rid of her good-for-nothing name and cultivate properly to become a real powerhouse!

In the blink of an eye, one night passed. Lou Qianxue had cultivated the whole night, yet, she did not feel tired at all. Instead, she was in great spirits.

"My guess is right. The white paper is indeed about to completely turn into gold color very soon. According to my current speed, I'll be able to cultivate elementary force after just one more day of cultivation. At that time, sister Xingchen, who has been worrying for me, will definitely be very happy, right?"

As Lou Qianxue thought, a slight smile appeared on her face. She gradually ended her practice and got up. After she washed up, she had planned to go and look for Lou Xingchen as usual.

However, in the end, when she opened the door, she saw the maid, Lou Qing. She had looked after the usual daily life of her and Lou Xingchen. But now, she was standing outside the door. It looked like she was waiting for her.

"Lou Qianxue!" When Lou Qing saw her, she bowed down, which was a change from usual. She raised her jaw, and arrogantly opened her mouth. "I am acting on the order of the city lord to command you to get out of the city lord's mansion!"

"Father's order?" Lou Qianxue froze for a while. Her gaze gradually became cold. "You are talking nonsense. How can Father give this kind of command?"

Lou Qing was shocked by Lou Qianxue's cold and sharp gaze. She froze. However, as she calmed her mind and thought of Lou Qianxue being only a useless thing who could not cultivate any elementary force, her guts became bigger again.

"Naturally, the city lord has a reason to give this kind of order. You, this kind of useless thing, are simply not worthy of being the First Miss of this mansion. Only Miss Xingchen, who can represent this mansion to take part in the prefecture house competition, is the city lord mansion's real and proper First Miss."

So this is the reason!

She did not have any value for him to make use of. Hence, she was not worthy of being the First Miss of his mansion. Instead, Lou Xingchen could bring glory to the city lord's mansion. Hence, in order for Lou Jingfeng to give Lou Xingchen a decent identity, he was chasing away his biological daughter. He wanted to let Lou Xingchen become the real First Miss…

After Lou Qianxue thought and understood everything, the bottom of her heart was filled with coldness. She slightly narrowed both her eyes and coldly asked, "Does Sister Xingchen know about this matter?"

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