Staying Alive Cautiously in the Celestial Realm and Becoming the Strongest

Wang Chen unexpectedly transmigrated to a world of immortal cultivation. He became a Qi Cultivation junior in the Outer Sect of the Cloud Sun Sect in Dongcang State. Within the sect, the hierarchy was stringent and the power struggles were fierce; Outside the sect gates, Demons roamed and Evil Wraiths were rampant! Wang Chen, who was weak in strength, decided to lay low until the end of time. However, with time goes by… He persisted and was surprised to realize that he had already unexpectedly become a Bigwig!!!

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Chapter 14 Great Achievement

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The infestation had spread.

Initially, Earth Rhinoceros Beetles only appeared on the outermost regions of the Cloud Sun Spirit Fields.

However, in just a few days.

These black beetles spread like the plague towards the core heartland at an alarming rate!

The Spirit Fields affected by the disaster in the outer regions of Cloud Sun Spirit Fields alone exceeded tens of thousands of mu.

Influencing over a thousand Spiritual Plant Farmers.

Due to the abnormally sinister nature of this outbreak's Earth Rhinoceros Beetles, most Spiritual Plant Farmers were unable to deal with them.

They could only try to save themselves while urgently requesting assistance from their sect.

However, the response speed of the enormous Cloud Sun Sect left much to be desired.

In such a situation.

Wang Chen, who had gained a bit of fame as an "expert in pest removal," took on nine contracts in one go.

This Spirit Stone really is too easy to earn!

Relying on his excellent Divine Soul Perception ability and the Minor Achievement level of Geng Metal Finger.

Wang Chen could clean up sixty to seventy mu of Spirit Fields in a day.

He started earning at least twenty Spirit Stones each day!

The experience value for his Geng Metal Finger skill surged upwards, and within just two days, he was again at the Breaking Threshold.

Wang Chen felt like he was a cow taking flight—a cow soaring into the heavens!

Taking advantage of the break to catch his breath, he sneakily summoned the Immortal Cultivation panel.

Great Achievement level Geng Metal Finger.

Here I come!

[Geng Metal Finger (Minor Achievement): 299/300]


[Geng Metal Finger (Great Achievement): 0/400]

Wang Chen's head buzzed, and his consciousness went blank in an instant.

In the blink of an eye, an enormous flood of information was forcibly poured into his Sea of Consciousness.

Nearly bursting Wang Chen's head open!

Luckily, his Divine Soul consciousness was quite formidable, and it wasn't overwhelmed by the sudden deluge of information.

Even so, it took Wang Chen nearly an incense-stick's time to come back to his senses.

He really hadn't expected that advancing from the Minor Achievement Realm to the Great Achievement Realm of Geng Metal Finger would be so perilous!

Wang Chen immediately sounded an alarm in his heart.

The reason for such a condition.

Was very likely due to the excessively rapid speed of the skill's realm advancement, resulting in too little accumulation and tempering ordinarily.

Wang Chen estimated that if he were to stimulate the Great Achievement level of Geng Metal Finger with all his might.

His meridians simply couldn't withstand it!

Then, Wang Chen noticed a new situation.

[Human Virtue (Breaking Threshold): 4]

Before he added points to his skill, he had 14 points of Human Virtue.

Over the past couple of days, he also slew several Monsterized Earth Rhinos.

He had just spent 10 points!

Wang Chen was startled.

The first time he added points to Geng Metal Finger, it only cost him 1 point of Human Virtue.

It was the same when adding points to Cloud Rain Jue.

Now the second time adding points to Geng Metal Finger, it had actually increased tenfold!

Following this pattern.

Wouldn't the third time cost 100 points,

And the fourth time 1000 points?

Previously, Wang Chen felt contented for having earned a dozen or so points of Human Virtue.

But now, he felt somewhat depressed.

Fortunately, Wang Chen had an optimistic nature, and he quickly cast aside this minor gloom.

After all, the most important thing in life is to be content.

Only with contentment can you always find joy!

With such a powerful cheat within him, what was there to be dissatisfied about?

Reinvigorated, Wang Chen returned to the Spirit Fields.

His right hand's index and middle fingers were itching to try out the Great Achievement Realm of Geng Metal Finger.

Within a few breaths, an Earth Rhinoceros Beetle was locked on by Wang Chen's Spiritual Sense.

This Earth Rhinoceros Beetle was more than three Zhang away from Wang Chen and was facing him head-on with a stalk in its mouth.

Before, if Wang Chen wanted to kill this creature, he would have to move to a side position.

So as not to destroy the stalk as well with the Qi Energy from his fingers.

But at this moment, a flash of Spiritual Light in Wang Chen's Sea of Consciousness prompted him to stimulate his Mana without a second thought.

However, his directed fingers didn't point straight at the Earth Rhinoceros Beetle.

Instead, they deviated slightly outward at an angle.

The next second, a pure gold Geng Metal Qi shot out from his finger, tracing a long arc of light above the Spirit Fields.

It hit the Earth Rhinoceros Beetle clasping the rice stalks in an instant!


This Earth Rhinoceros Beetle was cut into two halves from top to bottom, falling to the ground.


Wang Chen's eyes lit up with joy.

Is this the Great Achievement level of the Geng Metal Finger?

The bull has got through the gate—bullshit has reached home!

Previously, his Geng Metal Finger could only move in a straight line.

Just like the bullet from a pistol, it never curved.

Now, it was as if he had learned the art of gun trick shots.

So much fun!

Not just fun, but also extremely practical in combat.

For instance, if prey or an enemy is hiding behind cover, thinking they are safe.

Llittle do they know that Wang Chen's Geng Metal Finger can turn corners.

An invincible sneak attack!

Furthermore, it added countless variations to this otherwise single-mode attack spell.

In the following time,

it was Wang Chen's process of continuously becoming familiar with and testing the arc attacks of the Geng Metal Finger for potency.

One unfortunate Earth Rhinoceros Beetle after another.

Became his experimental subjects.

With different angles, they were sliced into various shapes while still alive.

By the time the last mu of the Spirit Fields had been cleared, Wang Chen had fully mastered the arc attack techniques of the Great Achievement level Geng Metal Finger!

"Young Master Wang."

As he sat down next to the field ridge to rest, a handkerchief was passed to him, "You've worked hard, wipe off some sweat."

The voice was soft and very pleasant to the ear.

"Thank you."

Wang Chen was not polite.

He took the handkerchief and wiped the sweat from his forehead.

This silk handkerchief was clean, with a hint of faint fragrance.

And its owner was the slender young widow standing beside Wang Chen.

"Lady Chen."

Wang Chen stood up and returned the handkerchief to her, saying, "Your family's Spirit Fields should be fine now. If you find any new Earth Rhinos, I'll help you get rid of them for free."


He paused, then added, "You should keep these Earth Rhinos for yourself, to get some sweet rice candy for Ya."

This young widow was Wang Chen's third customer of the day.

Her husband's family name was Chen.

So everyone called her Lady Chen.

Lady Chen was a widow.

Her husband was also a disciple of the Outer Sect of the Cloud Sun faction and died on a sect mission three years ago.

She was left to rely on each other with her daughter.

Lady Chen chose not to remarry and rented fifteen mu of Spirit Fields to raise her daughter.

Maybe because she had similar life experiences to the former owner, that stirred Wang Chen's compassion, offering her a discount under the pretext of doing it for Ya.

It was definitely definitely not because the widow was beautiful!

Ya was Lady Chen's daughter.

She was only nine years old this year.

Two days ago, when the Traveling Merchant came by, she was one of the children who longingly watched others eat candy.

Wang Chen was the kind of person who, although had a difficult life, couldn't bear to see others in distress.

If he could help within his means, he would.

Lady Chen was somewhat surprised and also a little amazed.

She pursed her lips but still accepted Wang Chen's kindness, "I will thank you on behalf of Ya."

The Earth Rhinos that Wang Chen gave her could fetch more than just sweet rice candy.

"I'm off."

Wang Chen patted his buttocks, ready to leave.

He had just taken a step when he stopped, "Lady Chen, I think the price of Spirit Valley is going to skyrocket. If you don't have much grain stored at home, you better stock up now."

Lady Chen was immediately taken aback.

Before she could react, Wang Chen had already left.

Then Lady Chen discovered.

Among the Earth Rhinos that Wang Chen left her, there was actually a monsterized one!

The beautiful widow couldn't help but have tears welling up in her eyes.


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