Starting With One Million Luck Points

In this world, Planet Earth had undergone great changes and humanity is faced with extreme danger. Luckily, humans have something called the Heaven Dao software. After downloading the software, Zhou Hao received one million luck points and used it to open a mystery box and obtain the “108 Levels of Dragon Elephant Wisdom Technique”… Also, Zhou Hao realized that with enough luck points, he could even get his crush to sleep with him! In this world full of Insect Race warriors and Demon Race experts, it is ridiculously easy for Zhou Hao to accumulate luck points…

I am Second Senior · Eastern
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1234 Chs

Prosperous Cow Luck

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"What's wrong?" The tall burly man asked subconsciously.

"There's movement," Zhou Hao whispered.

The tall burly man and the other martial artists and bodyguards were immediately on high alert.

Xu Ling and the other genius students were also slightly nervous. After all, the place they were at was already almost 10,000 meters away from the city.

However, several minutes passed and nothing happened.

"Chi, what kind of a martial artist are you? You're too nervous!"

The tall burly man frowned and was about to speak when his gaze immediately swept over.

"Be careful!"

A white figure attacked at lightning speed and threw the student who spoke to the ground.


A silenced sniper gun sounded and pierced through the white figure's head.

Only then did the group see that it was a huge White Wolf.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

The gunshot was like a stone that caused a thousand ripples.

Almost instantly, white figures pounced over from the surrounding ancient trees and weeds.

"Start fighting!!" The tall burly man shouted.

The six martial artists, including Zhou Hao, immediately attacked.

The bodyguards hesitated. After all, these white wolves were the mission targets. Unless the students were in danger, they were not allowed to intervene.

Pu! Pu!

The number of White Wolves increased.

"What are you all waiting for? The situation has changed!" The tall burly man roared.

The appearance of so many White Wolves was clearly different from what they had expected.

"Luck points +15."

"Luck points +20."

As the bodyguards began to attack, Zhou Hao easily killed the White Wolves that pounced at him.

The strength of these White Wolves was too weak in his opinion.

They were almost no different from the green insects that the Insect Race sent to gather intelligence. A normal punch was enough to shatter their organs.

Therefore, Zhou Hao focused most of his energy on the luck points on the virtual screen.

The increasing numbers made him very happy.


As the bodyguards attacked, the large group of White Wolves quickly became dispirited.

Suddenly, a single wolf's howl exploded in the night.

A large number of White Wolves quickly retreated, but then White Wolves that were as large as tanks appeared.

There were white curved horns on their foreheads. Unlike the White Wolves from before, these wolves had two lines running down their horns.

"Not good! Those are intermediate-level demon warriors!!"

The bodyguards' expressions turned unsightly.

The White Wolf's strength was determined by the number of lines on their curved horn lines. The more lines there were, the stronger it was.

This time, the students were only supposed to fight White Wolves with no lines on their horns. The White Wolves who had attacked them earlier already had a single line on their horns.

Now, White Wolves with two lines on their horns had appeared.

Not to mention the students, even their bodyguards would be surrounded and killed if they were careless.

More importantly, for the intermediate-level demon warriors to be attacking like this, there had to be a White Wolf demon general behind them!

"Retreat!" The tall burly man shouted.

This situation exceeded the scope of the mission.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The huge White Wolves began to attack.

Xu Ling and the other students were already frightened to their cores. All of them were lying on the ground, looking at the tank-sized giant wolves with pale faces.

The tall burly man was speechless. He didn't even have time to curse and could only shout at the bodyguards, "Quickly send a distress signal to the base. We can only last for a minute at most."

And that was him being generous… They probably wouldn't even last a minute.

If the dozen or so intermediate-level demon warriors besieged them together, the White Wolves would definitely be able to tear them apart in ten seconds.

"We lost this time!" The tall burly man and the other martial artist looked at each other and saw the bitterness in each other's eyes.

No one expected that a low-level guarding mission would actually put them in a desperate situation.

Pu! Pu!

The bodyguards were not weak and were doing their best to resist.

However, the frightened Xu Ling and the other students had become a burden. They were all lying motionless, forcing the bodyguards to stay beside them.

Soon, more than ten seconds passed. Just as the tall burly man thought that the White Wolves had had enough fun and were about to attack, he suddenly realized that half of the dozens of giant wolves were gone!!

The other martial artists also discovered this and were stunned.

"Look!" a female martial artist exclaimed.

The tall burly man and the other martial artist, as well as the bodyguards and the students, looked at a pile of weeds not far away.

Huge wolf corpses were piled up like a small mountain.

"It's that young brother. His, his strength…"

The tall burly man's eyes widened. He watched as Zhou Hao casually punched, making the intermediate-level demon warriors, which they had fought so hard to deal with, fall to the ground, twitching and lifeless.

35, 38… 40!

Zhou Hao causally punched and killed one tank-sized wolf after another. He was even counting the number of wolves he killed leisurely.

These intermediate-level demon warriors did not even have the qualifications to make him use his blood essence.

The robust blood essence foundation brought about by the "108 Levels of Dragon Elephant Wisdom Technique" had far surpassed Zhou Hao's expectations. The strength it enhanced was even stronger than the combined strength of dozens of dragon elephants.

With a casual punch, Zhou Hao could shatter the body of an intermediate-level demon warrior.

"An intermediate-level demon warrior can get me 200 luck points, 10 times more that of a low-level demon warrior!"

Zhou Hao thought to himself as he swept his gaze over the virtual screen.

Luck Points: 9722 (Current level: prosperous cow luck.)

Once again, Zhou Hao was close to reaching 10,000 luck points.

Last time at school, he had to spend three to four hours swatting green insects.

But now, he had only spent five to six minutes killing demon warriors and had already earned almost the same amount.

"Looks like I'll have to kill high level demon beasts if I want to earn luck points quickly!" Patting his hands, he checked his surroundings, Only after confirming that there were no more giant wolves pouncing towards did he finally turn around to walk towards the tall burly man.