Starting in an Online Game With 3000 Death Soldiers Book

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Starting in an Online Game With 3000 Death Soldiers

Zhang Cai Tian Xia

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In 2030, the online game “Divine Realm” was released. When everyone entered the game, frantically working on leveling up, and fighting for items, Jack was in the novice city, leisurely lying down on his back and enjoying the scorching sun. Later, everyone discovered that Jack had not battled any bosses, nor had he ever been out of the novice city. However, his items and level were of the strongest existence in the entire “Divine Realm” game! At that moment, everyone was dumbfounded. The reason why Jack could relax so much while still being able to level up and gain resources was that he bounded with the Divine Talent System. As soon as the game started, the System gifted Jack 3000 Death Soldiers to work for him. What’s more, these Death Soldiers had unconditional loyalty to Jack. All the EXP and resources they gained would be offered to Jack. From then on, relying on these 3000 Death Soldiers, Jack gradually advanced in the “Divine Realm”.


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