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meet me in the stars. - You could say life hasn't been the same for Leo Montgomery ever since he attended what was uploaded to be biggest event before the school year. Ever since his father's passing his mother pretended as if her father never left and his friends always tip-toe around the topic. Not being able to put up with it anymore and feeling disconnected from his dad, Leo finds out a whole new part of his dad he's never seen before. Throw in struggles between family members, your closest friends and trying to keep a budding relationship steady into the mix and suddenly, Leo's father isn't the only person who's keeping secrets up his sleeve. Follow Leo as he gets torn between his relationships and his father's secret in Stargazing. _ status : [ updating ] published : [ 27/01/20 ] finished : [ ??/??/?? ] word count : [ 5,466 ] [ currently updating ]


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