Star Wars: The Yautja

In a Galaxy, Far, Far Away on the Planet Lok in the Outer Rim. A young Feeorin awakens something that shall change the fate of himself and the Galaxy in ways one could never imagine—all thanks to a blue screen that only he can see.

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110 Chs

Chapter 59

"So... we're just not going to talk about those?" Boxe said while looking at Jial

"Talk about what?" Jial ran his hand threw his new black 'dreadlocks' and gave them a small flip

"Really? We have ignored him becoming a giant, we ignore the men that he can summon out of thin air, but I can't be the only one who is bothered by his tendrils suddenly shrinking and turning black!"

The other members of the inner circle didn't even comment. As she said, they had all seen so many things from Jial several times. If they commented every time something new occurred, then they would just be driving themselves insane.

"Fine!" Boxe threw up her hands in frustration

Mira and Nott giggled at her before quieting down when they saw her death glare. Although they knew they could beat her in a fair fight, Boxe didn't fight fair. She would attack them when they least expected it, as they learned after a harmless prank when they had first arrived. 

"Why we here, Boss? Thought it was finally time that we got a break," Sidon leaned back in his chair with his hands behind his helmet

"We have but we need to set up a few things. Nar Shadda is now ours and we need to send some forces there to watch over it and ensure that our control is established. Any volunteers?"

"I need to continue with my experiments here," Seviss backed out

"Our Mandalorians need us," Suxon came up with an excuse for him and Boxe

"I need to train my new Acolytes and you would miss me too much, Master" Nott winked at him playfully

"Proclamation: I will shoot every Meatbag that I have to interact with," HK-47 told him plainly while Sektor nodded behind him

"Cool. Sidon, that leaves you," Jial could not hear any more excuses. He was afraid he would fall to the Dark Side if had to listen to one more

"Tsk!" Sidon complained about being too slow. "Can I at least make my own crew?"

"Everyone else has one," Jial shrugged his shoulders. He didn't care about everyone having their own subordinates. That just meant that he had more forces to use.

"Cool. I'm gonna bring some droids with me," Sidon needed numbers to ensure that others knew they were in charge and had the power to enforce their rules

Jial let the others go since he didn't have any work for them before calling in his staff officers. After growing to their massive size, Jial was able to finally split off his main forces from having to deal with civil matters and letting them focus on military matters

There were several matters that he needed to deal with. Yautja Prime was receiving a massive number of immigrants who wanted to join up under them. Whether they just wanted to be citizens of the powerful new empire or become soldiers and make names for themselves, it didn't matter. There were literally hundreds of thousands that were trying to immigrate. Jial just wanted to take them all in to swell his numbers. He just needed to calculate how he would do that without destroying the current city. 

There were also the planets that wanted to be vassals and were offering various tributes in order to do so, so Jial had to find out which ones he could afford to take on without weakening his own defenses. 

It took 3 weeks of constant meetings to finally decide on how they should proceed. Yautja Prime would give 5 planets the status of vassals while the immigrants were allowed to land and would slowly be let into the city over the next few years. Until then, they would be put into various towns around that the city had set up long ago when they were still battling the coalition of forces that the Black Sun had gathered.

When he could finally escape from his meetings, Jial went down to the Phantom and took off to one of the two unused moons of Yautja Prime. Once he landed, he went to his hidden lab to start his research. His group was stable, was growing at a good rate, and had all the finances that they needed. Since everything was in order, he was able to continue his research into the next projects he wanted to work on. 

The Astartes Project, The Tau-Aeldari Collective, and the Psyker Trial

Jial was already confident that he could replicate Gene-Seeds but the issue was with who to give it to and which of the 2 Gene-Seed Implants he wanted to use. He had already extracted some of his own to give the twins but his worry was not about them. It was the future Astartes. He read the tales of the Horus Heresy (about half of a God's kids betrayed him along with their armies while converting to servants of some dark gods. About half (I think) of the Astartes died in the war while 2 of the demi-god kids died.) and knew the chances of betrayal from those that were recruited. He did not want to give any of them powerful Gene-Seeds like the Thousand Sons.

In the end, he decided to go with Raptors and Ultramarines. The Ultramarines were the most standard type of Gene-Seed, being considered perfect. While they had no benefits like some others, they also had no demerits to them. The Raptors were a 2nd Generation Gene-Seed that came with a mutation that made them weaker in extreme temperatures than a typical Astartes but Jial was willing to have them take that risk.

He was planning on creating his 4 Primarchs after a few more months. He needed to prepare additional materials that were on their way to the planet. So that project was on hold. 

The Tau-Aeldari Collective was a project that was the aim for the entirety of the Yautja. Of all the information that he was able to gather from a technological standpoint alone, the Tau and Aeldari were superior to the others for the most part. While the Necron had some incredible superweapons, Jial was still a long way off from replicating any of them. The power sources needed for each of them were something he could not even come close to replicating and he did not trust any scientists who could help him develop them. So the man was operating the entire science division of the Yautja by himself. 

But the Tau and Aeldari were different. The Tau had very primitive technology compared to all the other factions but their progression showed the best signs of advance. They were the most efficient with their tech, had a decent amount of territory, and were the least religious which allowed them to push past certain limits that others had faced. As long as he followed along with their path, he would be able to surpass them within a few hundred years. 

The Aeldari used something closer to Lightsaber Crystals to use various technology so Jial was planning on trying to replicate their tech using those as a basis. If he was successful, Jial was confident that he could create an entirely new way to move through the Galaxy.

But again, Jial was limited by supplies. So many of the materials he needed were being brought to Yautja Prime which were needed to try and replicate the main materials that the two races used. Which meant he could only start working on one project immediately. 

'System. Give me the Beta Plus Psyker Abilities.'