40 Victory

Standing in front of Jack was a massive amount of Battle Droids and they were constantly firing their blasters at him and all the clones behind him.

'Damn it!! Have you assholes not got the memo of my mentor being caught? Why are you still shooting!?'

Jack was gritting his teeth and stretching out both his arms while being in a posture as if he was pushing against something massively heavy.

Right in front between himself and that droid army that still kept firing madly, there was a thick barrier of light with luminescent colors. Well, to be truthful, they were all mainly just red in color.

Together they made a huge wall of energy that was just barely held back by Jack through Force Stasis.

It was not that he was running out of juice but it became heavier and heavier by the second.

"Everyone stop firing. We got new orders. The enemy general was captured." One droid finally said something and every other droid stopped whatever they were doing. Meaning all the continuing fire stopped.

"But what are we going to do about this wall of energy now?" asked one of the other lower-ranking B2.

"Beats me, we are to stand down for now. Those guys on the other side are our prisoners now anyway."

Jack smiled wryly and looked back at Rex and the other clones that gasped like they couldn't believe what their eyes were seeing.

It wasn't really a surprise since a few moments ago they would have seen their deaths in front of them.

Now Jack closed his eyes and tried to feel where Obi-Wan was currently located. It was a vague feeling but he could guess he was talking to that enemy Field General and negotiating.

It was a rather backhanded trick to buy time and very much an actual war crime at its finest. But it seems space monks don't care. Especially when it came to droids.

Jack didn't really bother to keep his focus on that much longer and already started to pull more on the Force around him to support his next actions.

This little diversion would not hold for long and the very moment he could feel the shield generator above their heads go offline would be the moment that Jack would redirect all those damn energy shots back to their attackers.

After all, why not just sent a nice and friendly reply after being bombarded by those metal heads. He was also not exactly in the best of moods right now holding this energy mass in the air.

Well, not that he needed to do so actively. He only had to keep pumping a lot of energy into it when he needed to stop all new shots in their tracks.

Now that no new bombardments are happening he could relax somewhat and only keep the duration of the stasis going.

Good thing all he did in the last 5 years was increase his MP amount and attributes through focused training mainly on his body and meditation. So most of that training concentrated on his foundation and nothing else.

In raw fuel capacity and capability of Force power, he could very likely beat most generic Jedi Knights by now.

But in regard to knowledge and lightsaber battle or battle experience in general, he still lacked a lot.

Though after this mission is done and he goes on another few missions, he will be able to discern where he is still lacking and use those valuable level up points in those areas.

Yes, he still has not used even one of his extra points from level-ups. That is beside the few points he wasted when on that crime-centered moon.

And the exp he got until now already brought him to level 21. It was amazing how fast he went up in that department. Now imagine the amount of experience lying right in front of him here.

[You are getting ahead of yourself...]

'Oh, haven't heard your voice for quite a while, Terra. But good to hear you.'

Just at that moment when he wanted to chit-chat with his guide, he could feel something shift and the Force and its light voice whispering into his ear that now was the time to unleash everything.

And like he always does, he didn't hold back at all and let the Force flow through him with a short battle cry that pushed and blasted the whole energy wall straight out of stasis back to its senders.

A sharp whistling sound echoed through the air and all the blaster and tank shots that were held back came flying straight back at the droids.

"Oh no..." The very next moment after that B2 exclaimed many explosions like those out action movies reverberated like a cascade over all the machines and military equipment.

[Level Up]

[Level Up]

[Level Up]

[Level Up]

[Level Up]

[Level Up]

Jack was now completely exhausted.

That, sure enough, depleted nearly all his energy but he was happy and a big grin was plastered over his face while he looked over the scorched earth of a highway in front of him.

Basically, everything that was in front of the artillery position that the droids wanted to destroy melted down to smithereens.

In a way, he felt a little bit of heartache as well since he would have liked to take some parts of those droids and replace some outdated tech from his own little training droid that he put together back at the temple.

But that had to wait it seems.

After disengaging his two lightsabers with a smooth and satisfying retreating sound of the dark plasma he placed them back at his belt where his magnetic clips were.

Then he looked over to Rex and the clones and made a reassuring thumbs-up. "Looks like Anakin and Ahsoka managed to destroy the shield. Now you can wreak havoc over those droids with the big gun fire again."

"What in the world was that?" Rex still couldn't get the picture out of his head of what happened right in front of them all. That stalwart impenetrable defense was not something he has ever seen before.

"What was what? Do you mean me using the Force? I thought you were already used to it?" Jack asked back.

But before the captain could respond again he got a notification from Obi-Wan to his communicator.

"Captain, is everything alright on your side? I heard a hefty amount of explosions." The voice of Obi-Wan sounded a little bit worried.

"Mentor, it was just the droids..." Jack interrupted before Rex could say an answer and looked back at the junk lying around. "...they seem to have overheated and made some fireworks."

"What is that supposed to mean?", asked Obi-Wan back in slight confusion.

"No, General. He is right. Everything is fine...The enemy was taken care of here." Rex reassured the Jedi Master in his own way.

"Well, that is good then. I already have taken the enemy General into custody so you can wrap things up nicely without the need to fight anymore. Padawan Shea, meet up with me at our previous gathering point."

"Understood." Both Jack and Rex responded.

Then Rex saluted Jack. "Thanks, Commander." Rex seemed to be genuinely happy that Jack had saved a lot of his brethren in this fight.

Looking at one of the most iconic clones saluting him in gratitude let Jack only smirk widely and put his arms in front of his abdomen and hide them in the sleeves of his robe.

"No need to thank me. We are all in the same boat here. Just make sure you guys stay safe and don't waste your opportunity to keep going another day."

Jack knew there were probably a lot of clones that were supposed to die this day and end up just as another casualty in this war.

Though with his action, he probably saved a few thousand of them. Somehow it felt amazing knowing you saved a life.

But at the same moment Jack's smile lowered considerably and he thought about something concerning life and only a sigh came out from him until he decided to get walking. "Well, let's go back to the command post."



Name: Jack Shea

Age: 14

Race: High Sith

Job: Jedi Padawan (15% increase in EXP.)

Level: 27 (89.23%)

Title: Lucky Star (+10 LUCK)

HP: 1076 / 1370

MP: 235 / 4480

(Out of combat)

STR: 52 (+16)

VIT: 54 (+16)

AGI: 42

INT: 34

WIS: 31

LUCK: 23 (+10)

Force Affinity: 1650

Status Points: 120

Money: 26.861.315 Credits




+ True Force Being (World/Passive). Level 38 +

(+1380 FA, +25% Force Power)

+ Force Domain (World/Passive/Active) Level MAX +

(+25% Force Power, 100MP/sec for 10-meter radius Force Dominance Control)

+ Intermediate Force Meditation (Uncommon/Active/Passive) Level 58 +

(+3160MP, Dark Side Corruption Cleansing Speed +158%, Focused Buff +30% for 30mins)

+ Beginner Dark Presence (Rare/Active/Passive). Level 38 +

(+38% chance to induce Fear or Intimidation, 76% increase in Dark Side Corruption)

+ Advanced Force Telekenises (Rare/Active). Level 7 +

(Force Push, Pull, Lift, Grab reduced in cost by 207%. Power increased by 103%)

+ Beginner Force Battle Meditation (Rare/Active) Level 13 +

(250MP, Increases the Morale of allied troops. 10% Buff applied to all stats for 2 hours.)

+ Intermediate Force Stasis (Rare/Active). Level 26 +

(Decreases cost of Force Stasis by 126%, Power and Duration increased by 63%)

+ Beginner Mechu Deru (Rare/Active/Passive). Level 25 +

(Enables Force Persuasion/Manipulation on mechanical lifeforms. Chance increased by 25%)

+ Force Vision (Rare/Active/Passive). Level 68 +

(Accuracy and clarity of visions are increased.)

+ Beginner Force Persuasion/Jedi Mind Trick (Uncommon). Level 15 +

(Decreased cost by 15%. The chance of getting caught after failure decreased by 15%)

+ Advanced Force Battle Precognition (Epic/Passive). Level 33 +

(Increases Forecast of enemy actions by 1 second. Increases feeling of doom when in true danger.)

+ Beginner Force Lightning (Uncommon/Active). Level 56 +

(Decreases cost by 56%, Increases power by 56%)

+ Beginner Force Bubble (Rare/Active). Level 23 +

(Decrease cost by 23%. Increase defensive power by 23%)

+ Beginner Force Healing (Rare/Active). Level 47 +

(Decrease cost by 47%. Increase healing power and speed by 47%)


+ Massassi Body (Genetic/Passive). Level 21 +

(30% in STR and VIT)

+ Massassi Carapace (Genetics/Passive). (Common/Passive). Level 35+

(18% dmg reduction, 9% immunity to physical debuffs)

+ Survival Instinct (Common/Passive). Level 51 +

(+510% time increase for new nutrition intake.)

+ Intermediate Mental Fortitude (Uncommon/Passive). Level 43

(Increases protection against Mental Debuffs by 45%)


+ Intermediate Marksmanship (Uncommon/Passive). Level 68 +

(Increases hit chance by 68% for all guns and starships used, decreases deflection chance by 34%)

+ Advanced Martial Arts (Epic/Passive). Level 13 +

(Increases Melee Combat Power by 21.3%, Increases STR, AGI, and VIT output by x3 while in combat)

+ Intermediate Piloting (Uncommon/Passive). Level 30 +

(Increases Hit chance by 13% Increases AGI output by x2 while in space combat)

+ Intermediate Technomancy (Rare/Passive). Level 36 +

(Increased Knowledge of Engineering and Computers. Enables Droid language. Enables Force Ability Mechu Deru)

-Lightsaber Combat-

+ Overall Advanced Lightsaber Combat (Epic/Passive). Level 3 +

(While using a lightsaber in combat, all attributes aside from LUCK increased by 15%)

++ Grandmaster Elevated Form I - Shii-Cho. (Legendary/Passive)Level MAX

(Reached the perfect stage of your adjusted Form I. All benefits of this form increased by 100%. All attributes increased by 25% while in combat)

++ Beginner Form II - Makashi. (Common/Passive)Level 30

(Agility increased by 10%, Strength increased by 5% while in combat)

++ Beginner Form III - Soresu. (Common/Passive) Level 30

(Vitality increased by 15% while in combat)

++ Beginner Form IV - Ataru. (Common/Passive) Level 30

(Agility increased by 15% while in combat)

++ Beginner Form V - Shien/DjemSo. (Common/Passive)Level 30

(Strength increased by 15% while in combat

++ Intermediate Form VI - Niman/Jar'Kai. (Uncommon/Passive) Level 86

(Increased dual-wielding prowess. All Attributes increased by 10%, Force Power increased by 15%)

++ Intermediate Experimental Form VI - Shii-Cho/Niman/Jar'Kai. (Epic/Passive) Level 46

(Increased dual-wielding prowess. All Attributes increased by 20%, Force Power increased by 30%)

++ Beginner Selftaught Form VII - Shii-Cho/Juyo. (Epic/Passive) Level 85

(Strength, Vitality, and Agility increased by 15% while in combat. Emotions increase output to 40%. Dark Side Corruption spreads and flows unhindered.)


Excellent Force Bond: Ahsoka Tano (+50% Force Power in Cooperations, 25% increased EXP benefits while training or fighting together.)

-Sub Skills-

+ Sith Language (Passive) Level MAX +

+ Common Galactic Language (Passive) Level MAX +

+ Jawa Language (Passive) Level MAX +

+ Droid Binary Language (Passive) Level MAX +