538 Ancient 1 smashed Varudo

Kaecillus was thrown to the ground, and as he tied to get back up, the Ancient One's sword has reached his neck! Kaecillus had no doubt that he could escape the Ancient One as long as he got a little window, but now, all his men were of no use!

"Kill me! But remember that your deception was the thing that makes me this way!" Kaecillus said with a smug look on his face. "You will continue to live in hell as the new sorcerer that sees through your lies would devote their life to destroy you!" Kaecillus said coldly. "Or maybe, it wouldn't take that long as those two now know your secret!" Kaecillus said while laughing maniacally.

The Ancient One showed a sad emotion as Kaecillus was about to die. She knew that her secret had pushed away both Stephen and Mordo from her side. She looked over to Stephen and Mordo and realised the pained look on their face. They were clearly disappointed by the Ancient One's action.

Then the next moment, everything changed! Kaecillus stabbed the Ancient One as he successfully distracted her. Stephen and Mordo cast away their disappointment and rushed towards her immediately, clearly saddened by the fact that the Ancient One received a fatal wound.

Kaecillus smirked at them before he opened a portal and escaped. The Ancient One was bleeding profusely, lying on the ground weakly. Although she was dying, she still showed a smile on her face.

Did she really got caught off guard? No, it would be better more accurate to say that she willingly let Kaecillus attack her! But why would she let herself died right now? It seems she was ready to die from the start!

Although Kaecillus' provocation sped things up for The Ancient One, how could she left her disciple while the situation was in shambles like this!

But the truth was, the Ancient One has seen this scene unfolded in the past, and she knew that the best-case scenario was to end her own life! That way, Stephen would take the mantle of the next Sorcerer Supreme more confidently! As long as this future happened, she would die without any regrets!

"Master!" Mordo shouted with a sad expression. But the Ancient One smiled at him without saying anything.

"Quick, it might not be too late!" Stephen said as he opened the portal directly to the hospital. Regardless of whether the Ancient One really drew her power from the Dark Dimension or not, she has never risked humans existence as long as she lived. In fact, she had defended humanity from the threat of the other dimensions!

At this moment, Stephen really didn't want the Ancient One to die! But her life was her own. Thus she closed her eyes and let herself be pushed to the operating table! But her spiritual body immediately left her body and floated outside.

As he sensed the Ancient One's spiritual body, Stephen immediately followed her. "What are you doing!? Get back to your body, or you would be dead soon!" Stephen said nervously.

"Don't you want to know who the man that can heal your arm is?" The Ancient One said with a smile on her face. "If you do, then come with me." She said as she started to walk away from Stephen.

"This is not the time for that! You have to go back to your body immediately. There is no time!" Stephen shouted frustratedly, but the Ancient One just smiled and shook her head. Although her time was running out, she could stretch her time in the spiritual body to countless flash!

It was similar to stopping time, but not entirely as the time still flowed, but very slowly! This could be seen as the thunder in the sky was still striking, albeit very slowly. If Dio saw this scene for his own, there was no doubt that he would want to master it too!

Although the Ancient One was in possession of the Time Gem, it was purely the long-term result of researching the truth of time!

. . . . . . . .

On the other hand, Dio was sheltering himself and Wanda from the rain, but he suddenly felt something was amiss and immediately summoned the [World]! Before he could realise what is happening, he found that everything around him has stopped moving, including Wanda.

"What is happening?" Dio said with a surprised expression. He knew for sure that he had not used the [World]'s power as of late. His Hamon Energy bar itself wasn't showing any change either. The time stop has been manipulated by someone else!

But he quickly noticed that it wasn't entirely true. He observed his surroundings and noticed that everything was still moving, albeit really slow! He noticed the striking through the air ever so slowly. This scene was confusing for Dio as he didn't remember anyone having this kind of power!

Had it not for the [World], he would surely be affected by this power. Dio began to wonder who it could be, but the first figure that came to mind was the Ancient One herself! Would she do something like this?

But clearly, she was the only one who could do something like this as the Time Gem was currently in her possession. After realising that there was no one else who could do something like this, Dio smirked as he wanted to know what the Ancient One wanted to do with it!

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