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Spiritual Knight


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Scarlet Walker is a 24 year old Forensic Scientis, she is the youngest and brightest young adult that acomplish every case they handed to her, even thought she is human on the surface, she caries a secret that only her trusted companion Nicolas Stone knows about, she is the first ever sucesor of the Black Dragon's power, once that she manage to obtaine Inmortality. Aron Kingston is Scarlet's first love, they broke up due to somethingt that Aron isn't aware off, he is 26 year old, he is the leader of the Knight's team in the SCIS, he resoleve the same amoung of cases that Scarlet did during her time in the SCIS, they reunitedafter so long been apart, Aron is the forth generation of the Golden Dragon's power. Follow them in a journey where Demons, Mystical creature and Humans co-exist with one and the other, join them uniting two missing dragons brothers, Oro and Dark , as the love that Scarlet and Aron had blooms once again.


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