Spirit Martial Artist (DD)

Spirit Martial Artist Reynold Westwood, a maniac of martial arts, a strong supporter of harems and a lover of maids, fills up an internet survey and ends up in Spirit Land! In a place where cultivation is real and practising stuff can make you possibly achieve real Godhood. He decided its time to put his expertise into practice. Unleashing a multitude of martial arts from Boxing to Tai Chi and Kung Fu to Spearmanhip Reynold Westwood now Xue Long, Fourth Prince of Heavenly Duo Empire is out to become Dragon God of Martial Arts with help of his Golden Dragon King Martial Spirit! Oh... And he will have that harem of maids! Additional Tags: Extreme AU, Madlad Mc, Absurdly Op Martial Arts techniques, Harem, OP MC, Elements from other Soul Land series (girls, Spirit beasts, Martial Spirits) adventure, gore, My Discord link: https://discord.gg/56SVYQexDJ

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For all those M's who love drama and tragedy. This fic is heavy wish fulfilment so turn away now.



"What mess this is," I said out loud, before continuing to count.

"One-hundred fifty-eight" 

"I thought being prince going allow me to train more," I said while closing my eyes for a bit, before focusing to push myself down to the ground.

"One-hundred fifty-nine."

And pushing myself back up again.

"I guess, I have to suck it up." 

"One-hundred sixty!" 

After reaching my current goal, I collapsed on the ground.

People probably wondering what I have been doing. Well, it's simple. I have been doing push-ups.

Training, yes, regular training. 

Doing one hundred sixty push-ups at the age of six is not bad. But it's not great either. 

But, before, I get into some details, I should introduce myself properly.

My name before this madness happened was Reynold Westwood. 

What I mean 'before' is simple. I have been transmigrated into a newborn baby by the name Xue Long.

Now, before I get into details about my new life as Prince of massive Empire I should tell you some things about myself.

In my previous life, I was obsessed with two things. One is Martial Arts and another is pretty girls.

Well, girls were trouble, and I had specific taste, however, Martial Arts… I got obsessed with that since I can understand what I see on television.

When I was a kid and didn't understand certain things I hoped that I could practise to the point that I could do supernatural stuff. 

Like in Dragon Ball, this show was the best example. When the main character, Goku was a kid he was strong, but as the series progressed the enemies he faced only grew in power. From simple evil general in an evil army ending with Universal God of Destruction.

That stuff was amazing for kids to watch so started training. Pretty much other kids did the same. However, I took that simple extra mile and joined a karate club.

Sure enough, I learned that it was not as amusing or interesting as I hoped it would be. Yet, a few thumbs up from the teachers and my interest in actual stances and katas made me stick around.

That stick around… went for more than a few years as I won nationals and Olympics a few times.

Well, by that point didn't care about anime and launching beams of energy from hands. That desire and fantasy were pushed to the back of my head.

Always staying there as some sort of dream. Instead, I focused on mastering my body and martial arts, in the literal sense. I went from Karate to Judo, then Kick-box. 

These were arts I could learn in my hometown, after leaving my hometown as a young adult I went to the capital where I learned Taekwondo and Kung Fu. 

Honestly, by that point, it was a joke how teachers taking this as… some money-making hobby.

I did want to learn more, but money was an issue so, I ended up working as a trainer. 

Once enough funds were gathered which wasn't that hard for someone who had been on the cover of a few sports magazines. So ended up having enough money to travel around the world amd learn more stuff.

To keep a long story short, I did learn a toon… however this didn't mean I could do crazy stuff.

Then… I got this weird survey…

It was simple, I treated it as a joke. I rarely treat them seriously after being disappointed with those EA sports games and their silly surveys 'to make better games.' Which doesn't help! They still make shit football games! Both Madden and Fifa! 

Anyway… this survey was weirder, It was for a 'dream' job or…something like that. It has been 6 years since then. And I tend to forget non-important stuff.

So, I filled it up with my 'fantasies' and 'wild' dreams. Which is… where I am at this moment!

My new name is Xue Long, the fourth Prince of Heavenly Duo Empire. Another nickname or title-ish name is the 'Fourth Prince of Heaven'.

Anyway, this Empire is in Fantasy reality where cultivation is real. Which is a blast! This means I can shoot beams from my hands!


Still, why I said 'mess' is that I have replaced the previous Prince if my foggy memories of this story are true. This means it's gonna be a butterfly effect of some sort.

Not that I care about the 'canon' story to begin with. It's gonna be blown away when my Martial Spirit awakens.

The thing with the survey is that I left quite vague answers. 

I asked for the 'Most Powerful' Martial Spirit. Such a thing is hard to describe in a world where many 'Strong', 'Strongest', 'Heavenly' exist.

However, I have a hunch about what it is. Even though I can't properly feel and access my Spirit Energy yet, I have been tempering my temper with deep mediation sessions because I sensed my snappy anger issues.

It was a blast tempering that. It took some time but I had it under control!

"My Prince…" A tired voice called me.

"You are about to get your Martial Spirit Awakening ceremony. Why are you training at such an important time?" My middle-aged-looking maid said with a disappointed tone.

One of the reasons why I asked to be a Prince was to get a squad of battle maids. However, my old man, the Emperor said 'NO'. 

I do wonder how long he will be so negative…

One thing I don't quite like about this place is that there is barely any sort of Harems in this place.

Most males here are beasts with supernatural powers yet they still end up with a single chick.

Since that is the case I gonna have an army of maids. And a harem. 

Again! One of the reasons why I have chosen this place is because of how colourful girls are in this place. Most cultivation universes have shit ton of black-haired girls. However… here their Martial Spirit affects their hair colour! 

This means I would be able to get the whole pallet of beauties!

Anyway, this is a side activity because the very main goal was Martial arts, Soul Rings! Soul Beasts! I do gonna get some of them as pets! It's a must!

I haven't seen many powerful pets in this place! So, I gonna make it a trend!

Before that, however…

"I was tired of waiting," I said to my boring maid, as I quickly jumped on my feet and cleaned myself. Thankfully I am a kid and my sweat doesn't smell as bad as adults do.

"It only has been 10 minutes!"

The woman said with a snappy tone. Her words made my eyes widen for a second!

"Oh? A new record. Need to type it down." 

I pulled out a small book and checked out my training schedule.

My eyes ended up on push-up section.

"There it is."

I found my records and quickly typed down the newest one.

The last one was 11 minutes and 43 seconds. Counted that myself!

"This is great! I can always count on you to give me the good news!"

The woman shook her head in dissapointed and motioned for me to follow her to the Spirit Hall Branch in the Heavenly Duo City or as we call it, The Capital.

Ah yes, The Spirit Hall, the big bad villains of this specific period. Honestly, I don't care about them as in faction or Organisation. All I want is for that blonde babe to 'disguise' as my big bro. Now that is going to be amusing!

While it sounds bad as she gonna kill my bro, which is quite bad for the empire. However, that is going to make me the Crown Prince, the moment I reveal her identity… probably! It going to depend on what she is going to say. 

Now few of you are wondering why I don't care about my bro. Which I don't. I haven't gotten time to attach myself to him and he in turn didn't have time to do the same. Combined with us being Royals. I am much closer to my sleaze of uncle who shares my fascination with the more beautiful side of humanity.

Well, he is more extreme in that regard. And I prefer to collect more than ever before. Probably related to my Martial Spirit.

Anyway time to get this party on the road!


"Long'er did you went to train, again?" My mother said to me with an exaggerated sigh.

"Just keeping things to the schedule just like I was trained to." 

A groan escaped from the maid and my imperial mother.

"We didn't teach you how to keep a schedule of your training young man!" The woman said with a deep frown.

"Semantics. If you train you, you train everything." 

As I said that, I continued to walk towards the church-like thing. Spirit Hall truly believes that they are priests or something close to that. Running a religion. Well, most likely trying to feed that Angel God with their beliefs.

When I entered inside there was my father, the Emperor talking with one of the Bishops of Spirit Hall.

The guy looked quite important, pretty sure the Spirit Hall is keeping a high-ranking officer in our glorious capital to show some face.

I suppose at this moment the tensions between Spirit Hall and the Empires are not that high.

Sure enough, both of them noticed my arrival.

"Long'er… why are you…*Sigh* never mind. Come over, we will start the ceremony." My Royal dad motioned to come over.

He probably doesn't like that I looked sweaty and stuff. 

Not keeping up my 'royal' image. Well, this IS my royal image. Most of the royals here are scrubs. The Star Lou Empire is stronger because they don't mind training while we continue to play commoner noble games. 

Well, anyway, I took a few steps forwards, towards the Bishop… or he has a higher title. I forgot to check up on that. 

"My Prince, come over. Stand in the circle." 

I followed his instructions and stood in the circle. 

Sure enough, the man called forth his Martial Spirit and transformed. 

The thing I noticed is that it takes time to transform. This ain't dragon ball is it? Where do we dumbly stand and watch how the big bad guy increases his power 50 times? 

Well, this isn't a fight, and the guy is a bossman of the branch of the Spirit Hall in my capital. So I can forgive him for being slow.

The man transformed into some sort of humanoid mix between dog and man. I guess that his Martial Spirit is Wolf based. Because it looked more ferocious than a regular dog.

After transforming he started channelling Spirit Energy into the circle. 

This thing started stimulating something inside of my gut. Like a volcano, it started to rise. 

Hell, it felt like a drop of water was needed to kick start awakening of my Martial Spirit. This was quite insane if you think about it.

Or did my training push it close to awakening? After all, I was grasping spirit energy on my own. 

Where my old man and everyone else thought that I will awaken their Heavenly Swan, the Royal family Martial Spirit. 

While it's not bad and allows royals to fly early, it was not it!

Because I can hear a ear-blowing roar erupting from inside of me.

My whole body glowed gold, massive creature started to manifest behind me.

"...Golden Dragon King… holy fuck…"


Massive Golden Western dragon stood up on its hind legs and roared. Spreading its wings.

The priest guy ended up dropping on his ass, while the weaker people. Like my mother and the maid already passed out. Only my royal father and my older brother were still standing however their eyes have bulged out. Seeing the majestic Martial Spirit I possess.

~~~~~~Deep within a Forest~~~~~~

A pair of purple eyes snapped open. A similar silver dragon lifted its head and looked towards the direction of Heavenly Lou City.

As if hearing THAT specific roar.

"This is… this is far too…soon.." As the dragon said that it transformed into a silver-haired beauty. 

There was some sweat on her forehead. 

"...However this is a good opportunity to regain my other half." 

As she said that she inspected herself. This was far too early and her body is not fully healed. However… if she returns to sleep her other half could potentially use that time to cultivate and surpass her power!


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