Spider-Man: Broken Multiverse

Author: TC_Liyanage1
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What is Spider-Man: Broken Multiverse

Read Spider-Man: Broken Multiverse fanfiction written by the author TC_Liyanage1 on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is others fanfic stories, covering action, romance, adventure, marvel, spiderman. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


A shattered universe, and a young broken spider, lost in the marvel multiverse, with a destiny larger than he could have imagined. A self insert works through the threads of fate, with an unlikely companion as they face challenges that life throws at them, and find their places in tales of adventure, glory, and drama. TAGS: # ADVENTURE # SELF INSERT # MARVEL # FRIENDSHIP #EVENTUAL ROMANCE # MULTIVERSE #SPIDER-MAN #GROOT #ROGUE #SUPERHEROES - A/N; This is my first time writing such a genre, give out your honest opinions. Update schedule: weekends Special thanks: OrangePanther

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Hello there people! As new as I'm to writing a full-on adventure plus action fic, I'm loving the new twist in my writing as well. Thank you so much for giving this book a chance and feel free to ask any questions. Happy reading :))


Haven't read yet but I'm bias towards the author. Sorry guys


it's a fresh idea, and it looks like the author isn't sticking to formulaic MCU fanfic. Kudos.


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