Spider-Man: Broken Multiverse

A shattered universe, and a young broken spider, lost in the marvel multiverse, with a destiny larger than he could have imagined. A self insert works through the threads of fate, with an unlikely companion as they face challenges that life throws at them, and find their places in tales of adventure, glory, and drama. TAGS: # ADVENTURE # SELF INSERT # MARVEL # FRIENDSHIP #EVENTUAL ROMANCE # MULTIVERSE #SPIDER-MAN #GROOT #ROGUE #SUPERHEROES - A/N; This is my first time writing such a genre, give out your honest opinions. Update schedule: weekends Special thanks: OrangePanther

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Chapter 005.

Dr. Doom was on top of the same building, cameras and eyes of every person in the world were focused on Dr. Doom's next possible step.

His menacing figure alone was enough to send shivers down the spines of the millions of people who had been watching from their homes.

Though, what he had to say gave them an altogether different reason to be afraid.

"The welfare of my people is ever closest to my heart! What a pity I am so often forced to save you from yourselves! If my calculations are correct, in around a week from now, Earth would have no trace of its existence. I see the panic in your eyes!" He said while looking at the pilot of the nearest helicopter.

"Earth is already losing allies. Nova Corps, Shi'ar Empire, and the rest of the known universe have already been snubbed. Galactus decimated each and every galaxy he could find. And now, he has set his eyes on Earth!" His announcement made its way to the attention of everyone.

The people who were watching this on the television gasped in horror. At first, they were all confused and scared of the man who stood like a statue, but now, the focus shifted to the end of the world—or so what he implies.

Dr. Doom was looking straight into the cameras, and the helicopters flew round and round around him. His form painted a regal visage, as he looked down at the gathered news crew and the avengers beside them.

"This is the time to put a full stop to your ignorance, Avengers. Not just me, but the entire humanity including every species to reside on Earth are in danger!" He announced to the world. "

He turned to face the giant billboard TV that was currently displaying his face from one of the many cameras that were recording him live. He pressed a few buttons on his gauntlets, and the image shifted to that of a Star Chart, along with footage of what was once Spartax.

"What is your play in all this Doom?" Spider-Girl asked as Sam Wilson flanked her right and Steve Rogers on her left.

Kate Bishop had already made her way to the top of the building, and her explosive arrows already had Dr. Doom's head in their sights.

"This planet is mine to rule. Galactus may not have it. Avengers, Victor von Doom is in need of your services. Today, you work for me."

Likewise, Reed Richard's final message was being played on loop at the White House to the President.

"Earth is what? Can I get to see what happened to the other planets?" The president was shaken by what he was hearing. "This sounds absurd!"

"Satellite images?!" He yelled, and several people that were in the conference room hurried away to bring what he asked.

Two of the officers walked in and turned the computers on. With that, images of what happened—in fact, the same images that the guardians of the galaxy saw came up.

A loud gasp escaped through the president's mouth.

"What the fuck?" A person from behind unfiltered muttered.

"There's no way… all those lives!" His friend said with the same amount of horror in their eyes.

"This… can't be true, is it?!" The president questioned looking directly into the eyes of the officers.

"Unfortunately, it is." One of them answered.

The President straightened his back, and then faced the last two members of the Fantastic Four, "Do you have any other contacts with Reed or Susan Richards?"

Ben Grimm's face shifted as his hollow eyes stared at the repeating clips "No, no. We sent a probe to get them back, we even tried going there ourselves. B-but…. They're gone."

The president sighed but soldiered on "And what about the weapon? The one that Reed Richards swore to protect? What about the ultimate nullifier?"

"I-I am sorry Mr. President. It's gone too."


[New Asgard, Earth]

"Kind of a step down from a golden palace and magic hammers and whatnot."

"Hey, have a little compassion, pal. First, they've lost Asgard, then half the people. They're probably just happy to have a home." These were the words that Rocket had used to describe the quiet slice of heaven on Earth, that the Asgardians had carved themselves in Scandinavia after Asgard had fallen all those years ago. It was once upon a time when Thor saved the city and renamed it, New Agard, giving space and a house to people who lived around there.

Later on, it was handed over to Valkyrie. But all was not well in the home of the Gods who dwelled on Earth.

Their king was missing.

"Do we have any information about his last known whereabouts? Where was he last seen?" Valkyrie questioned her advisors and chiefs.

"No Ma'am. All we know is that he was heading towards sector 495, to Maklu IV. He never made it there. And Maklu IV has also been destroyed by Galactus." The chief said as she chugged down an ale of mead.

Valkyrie rubbed her forehead "What about Sif?"

"She hasn't returned from her search either. We lost contact with her right around the time the Nova Worldmind went offline."


[New York Sanctum]

Sorceress Supreme, Emily Bright was trying hard to make sense of the 'situation'.

As if everyone else understood by now, every possible hero or every talented person is trying their best to overcome the almost impossible challenge they've ever faced.

Just like that, Emily with her wisdom was trying her best to find what had gone wrong or was happening in outer space that could bring Earth to an end.

After coming up with a few more plans, her last one was to reach the cosmos.

She wanted to know what happened to Reed and Sue Storms.

"We've got no time, we need to be prepared!" She said and arranged everything to get into the astral plane.

To know what was happening in outer space, she decided to reach out to use the entity Hoggoth's help.

"Hello there, m'lady. What possibly do you need now? And who are you?" Hoggoth questioned while watching the girl skeptically.

"I'm Emily Bright," she sighed inwardly knowing it would be kind of hard to get anything out of the Hoggoth. "I need a favor."

Hoggoth laughed mockingly.

"Favour? Why would you think I'd help you, mortals, with anything? Even after everything, all you'd done was deceive me and the other Gods! You're mistaken if you think I'll help you with anything at all."

"Wait, wait…" She stopped it from walking away. "This probably might be the last favor any Earthling would possibly ask from you. The entire planet is in danger, and I just have one question."

She was testing the waters, and she knew, that if a word went wrong, she'd not be able to know what happened to Reed Richards or Sue Storms.

Its eyes doubted what it was hearing.

"Last time, are you sure?" Hoggoth asked.

"Pretty much. Can I know what happened to Reed Richards or Sue Storms? They were out in space, and now they're missing."

"With this being the final time, I'm helping the sorcerers of this Earth, I have bad news. Not that I care much, but Reed Richards and his wife Susan Storm… Their spacecraft blew up in space. They are dead!"

A gasp escaped and Emily nodded not being able to understand how it happened.

"Give me the vision!" Emily requested.

"That's too many requests, lady. You said one question, not a request."

"Please, I want to know where the Ultimate Nulfiller is."

"I will do so, if only for the friendship that I once cherished with Stephen Strange. Let this be the last you ever see of me or mine."

Hoggoth accepted her request, and the images of what happened played as a movie.

The way Reed was talking to Susan, the panic in their eyes, how they moved to do something quickly but failed, and in the middle of his sentence how the spaceship blasted.


The clip came to an end.

"Alright, Emily Bright. I think we're done here. I have to say that you were at least a tolerable sorcerer."

She nodded as the Hoggoth disappeared.

By what happened, she also found out the ultimate nullifier was broken and lost by how the spacecraft was destroyed.

That was the only weapon that could have destroyed or feared Galactus away, but now, it was lost too.

She sighed loudly, she saw no way to battle the coming cosmic calamity.


[At the house of Parker]

The old couple watched the television with pure anger and fear in their eyes.

At first, they had assumed Dr. Doom was up to something, just like everyone else who watched the entire breaking news.

But later on, from what he was saying, it looked as if what he was implying was the complete opposite of what everyone thought.

"That can't be happening, now can it? Destroying planets? This is insane… Oh, God!" MJ said with fear in her eyes.

"....This is the time to put a full stop to your ignorance, Avengers. Not just me, but the entire humanity including every species to reside on Earth are in danger!" The announcement of Dr. Doom aired in every house.

Including where Peter Parker and Mary Jane were.

As Dr. Doom's loud robotic voice came over, they both started to panic about how their daughter May Parker was out.

"I.. can't believe… this is happening!" MJ was confused, worried, and nervous at the same time.

"Let me try calling May."

Peter went off to call May so that they could see where she was, and maybe spend the last time remaining, together, on Earth.