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After a nice long drive, I parked in front of a fancy restaurant in Queens. We both went inside and were shown to our seats. We placed our orders. Tomahawk steak and wine. As we were waiting for our orders to come, I looked out the glass wall. It's tinted. We can see from inside, but nobody outside can see us. But, I couldn't care less about outside when a gorgeous woman like May is sitting opposite to me.

I was about to compliment her again when all of a sudden, we felt a vibration from our seats, followed by a huge explosion outside the restaurant. Everyone rushed to see what was going on. A man in a weird costume was flying around, shooting missiles from his fingers while laughing maniacally. And one of those missiles just happened to hit my Aston Martin!


My car!!! My car is dead!

[Present time]

That bastard! If it weren't for the Fantastic Four and those heroes, he would have gotten the beating of his life. And then, my car... Oh, the humanity! I can hear the ongoing fight outside as a barrage of chain explosions rocked the place. He is causing even more havoc out there. The building began to tremble.

"We should get out of here," I raised my voice, "We will all get caught if the building collapses, or a missile flies in through that glass wall!"

The owner nodded and turned to everyone else, "Let's leave."

Everyone started to run towards the exit, including May. I grabbed her hand, and we both ran for it. I have to make sure she's out of danger. When we stepped outside, we were in shock to see how much destruction there was already. Johnny Storm was still battling it out with the man, while the other two mutants were trying to freeze Johnny with their ice and wind powers. It was an utter mess. Where the hell are the Avengers or the rest of the Fantastic Four?

Anyway, let them bash it out...

Huh?! This tingling sensation in my body. Spider-Sense... I saw a huge chunk of an entire wall coming our way. I grabbed Aunt May and pulled her into my arms as I jumped as high as possible. And right then and there, the wall hit the place we were standing just a moment ago. I fell on my back with her on top of me.

"Peter!" She cried, looking down at me. Her body was still on top of me, and she looked even sexier this close up. I was going to ask if she was alright when she moved away and tried to pull me up. "You alright?!"

"I should be the one asking you that..."

She sighed in relief and held me close to her. She buried her head in my chest while her hands caressed my back. She looked so scared... Her body felt warm as I embraced her in return.

"We should probably run before another chunk comes this way," I said, breaking her embrace.

I noticed the police barrier as the cops were evacuating the civilians. There was an ambulance and two ambulances near it. Some officers were checking if any injured person needed medical attention. There were injured people, including a few with minor burns. There was another big building not far from where we were, which was not damaged. And a few cops were directing the injured towards that place.

The S.W.A.T team is arriving on the scene now, as well as firefighters to douse the fire caused by the battle going on nearby. The fight continued as the mutant and Johnny was flying and swinging around. The other two were busy shooting blasts of ice and wind.

Ok, this place is kinda crowded. Nice way to slip out. I let go of May's hand, knowing she was safe right now, and dashed into the nearest alley. I didn't want to get involved, but someone had to pay for destroying my car. Now, I don't have a suit and this one is almost torn from the early stunt on my back. I checked my pocket, fuck! The mask I made fell on the road during that stunt. Well, I took it off and tore it to make a mask to cover my face. Alright, it will have to do for now. I wrapped it around my face.

Now, time to fight back!

I webbed up on the rooftop and looked toward the ongoing fight. Ok, keep it calm and swing like that day. I dashed before jumping off the roof and webbed from building to building. Then I swung in between buildings. Wow, this feels great. Oops, I vaulted over a light post before webbing toward the nearest building again. Ok, this is easy! I webbed from building to building again before swinging around a bit to get a good viewpoint. And finally, I landed on a lamppost.

Ok, first things first, Johnny is losing.

I looked down, the S.W.A.T. team is yet to make their move. They are just watching from behind the barricade. Seriously?! I sighed before webbing towards Johnny and kicking the wind mutant girl away. "Leave them to me. Go after that missile guy." I yelled before webbing towards Ice boy. He threw ten ice shards toward me.

The tingling feeling increased, and I dodged each one effortlessly. Man, this is easy! I webbed to the building on my left and webbed a chunk of debris on the ground and flung it toward him. He tried to freeze it, but I followed up the attack with another chunk of debris, knocking him out cold.

Alright! One down. Two more to go.

I was stuck on the wall as the Wind girl came swinging at me with her wind blades. Ok, Spidey, focus on the target. I dodged all of her attacks while flying around the area, webbing and throwing chunks of debris at her. But she is one hell of a girl. She dodged everything with ease as she glided through the air.

Fuck! I almost missed my web aim and fell off the building. Ok, Spidey, you got this. She came swinging an almost invisible air blade at me again, I dodged by an inch and this time, managed to web her hand onto a lamppost.


"Give up! I don't want to hit a girl," I taunted, hoping she would surrender.

But instead, she broke free and laughed, "Who the fuck are you? A new hero?" She threw a vortex of wind at my face. I flipped over and landed on the ground, "I will shred you apart!" She screamed, summoning a fucking tornado over my head.

I webbed back at the light pole. "Really, now? You are gonna do that? Ok, bitch. Bring it!" I taunted again. I webbed away from the tornado as it destroyed half of the street. Damn! That's one powerful tornado.

"Die!" She screamed again, summoning another one.

I wrapped a nearby car in the web and flung it at her. She stopped the car mid-air using her wind power and flung it back at me. Oooh! So, that's how you wanna play? I webbed on the lamppost and took a spin before kicking the car back at her. But I webbed behind it. I can't get a good footing due to my shoes and clothes. I can only rely on my palm to stick to a surface.

She threw back the car down as expected. There's a brief five seconds gap in time before she can use her power again. How do I know? I have no idea. I just calculated it just now. I vaulted over the car and threw a barrage of webs, wrapping the windy girl up like cotton candy before I threw a web on her stomach and pulled her, kicking her square in the face. "Told you bitch to give up..."

Fuck! What's that cracking sound?! Is she...? Ahh! Her teeth!

Phew! It happened so fast... Dang! So much adrenaline is rushing through my veins right now! I webbed back on the lamppost and took a deep breath. I looked at the two mutants, lying on the ground. Hopefully, unconscious.

Now, time for...

[Baaamm!] Johnny landed before me with the missile shooting guy on his shoulder. He threw him on the ground.

"You owe me one," I webbed out of that area before he could thank me or stop me to ask for my identity. I can hear him yelling from a distance, thanking me for lending him a hand. Anyway, the damage is already done and May must be worried sick about me.

Damn! This feels good!

Alright, Spidey! Let's wrap up the night and take Aunt May home.

I landed in the same alley as before and looked around. Good, the lane is clear. I took off the makeshift mask and threw it in the garbage. There goes my expensive suit. Fuck! My back hurts... I walked out of the alley. I must have twisted while swinging around. I winced in pain as I walked. Ok, let's walk normally without wincing. There are cops everywhere, so it's best not to draw unnecessary attention to myself.

I walked to the building where the injured had been transferred.

"Peter!" Aunt May ran to me, "Thank god you are ok..." She hugged me tightly.

"Yeah, I am fine," I replied, hugging her in return, "How about you? Are you hurt anywhere?"

"No, I am fine. I thought you..."

"Sorry, I had to help a guy out there... He was in trouble, so..."

"It's ok. I am glad you are safe..."

Yeah, a nice back massage would be nice... Haa... soon... humfff... Need to train, soon...


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