Spending A Fortune For My Wife's Substitute Book

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Spending A Fortune For My Wife's Substitute

Fleeting Summer Blossoms

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Shannon Zanders had dressed up in a set of sexy lingerie, eager to seduce her husband. However, when she walked into his study with a glass of milk, she saw an agreement for their divorce on his desk. Max Wenley felt very guilty, but he was also very determined to proceed with the divorce. That was because his ex-girlfriend had returned to his side, and he thought that he didn't love his wife. The heartbroken Shannon didn't read the contents of the divorce agreement, but the moment she signed the papers, she felt her heart shatter into a thousand pieces. After bring abandoned, Shannon unexpectedly found herself pregnant. To protect her child, she snuck out of the hospital when the nurse wasn't paying attention and went to sought refuge with her friends. She thought that she would never interact with the man she loved ever again in this lifetime. All she wanted to do was to give birth to and care for her baby, and they could depend on each other for survival. However, after getting chased around with her big belly in tow, and being blocked on every path, she finally questioned him in exasperation. "Ex-husband! Don't you know the rules? We have nothing to do with each other anymore!" The man slammed the divorce agreement in front of her. "It's written very clearly that after the divorce, the car belongs to you, the house belongs to you, and I... belong to you too!" Shannon originally thought that her dream marriage had been destroyed, but she didn't expect the man that who had always been cold to her would pursuing the path of sweet romance. His methods were brilliant, and he flirted with her until she couldn't resist his advances. She bashfully covered her face. Oh, what should she do? She was going to fall for him again!


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