30 Revelation (Pt 1)

"W-what are you talking about… young master?" Liliana, the maid stared at me with confusion clearly written on her face.

This act of hers nearly made me burst out in laughter but I controlled myself. Now wasn't the time to be cheery.

"Oh? You're going to keep pretending, are you?" I asked with a sly grin.

Her eyes broadened in fear and shock at the sudden accusation I was rendering. The looks she gave could have easily won me over if I wasn't certain.

Still, Liliana appeared determined to keep up the farce and pretend to be none the wiser. Unfortunately for the maid, no act could save her now.

"That was quite an interesting conversation you were having just now before I arrived…" I muttered.

This caused her eyes to bulge.

"I was having a wonderful time listening in. You didn't have to stop when I walked in, you know?"

I could sense a form of unease suddenly descend upon her. Even if I had accidentally accused her of attempting to kill me, the mere mention of her earlier conversation had already set it in stone.

"Y-you heard…?" Her hushed voice sounded as she bowed her head.

"Yeah, I did… your conversation with your employer. I heard it all!"

[Moments Earlier]

~Report your progress on the mission.~ A deep voice came out of a magic crystal that Liliana held.

The young maid placed it close to her ears so she could listen in well, and also made sure it was close to her mouth to ensure she could respond with a low tone.

"There has been a slight change in plans. Due to an event that occurred five days ago, I saw an opportunity and took action." Liliana responded in a hushed tone.

~Oh? For you to have acted without receiving an order… that's very unlike of you.~ The voice responded.

Liliana gave a dark smile.

"It was unavoidable. He surprised me, as well as everyone else who watched him on that occasion. I determined that it was in our best interest to eliminate him on the spot."

~Surprised you? In what way?~

"His magic prowess and abilities are beyond normal. If left on his own for a few more years, that child will pose a major threat to us. He grows even more powerful daily and that makes him unpredictable and dangerous." Liliana said, now frowning a little.

~I see… how far is his current growth?~

"He should currently still possess a White Mana Core Grade. However, he has cast multiple spells at once that includes different elements simultaneously."

~That's impossible!~ The man on the other end exclaimed.

"I wouldn't have believed it if I didn't see it myself. He was also able to combine his basic spells to create an intermediate level lightning magic!"

~Lightning magic? That's one of the most difficult aspects of elemental magic, and you're telling me he pulled off an intermediate-level one?~

"Yes." Liliana aptly replied.

It appeared her employer was just as bewildered as her. This gave her enough justification for her actions.

"You are right. His growth is indeed scary. I understand your actions. Still, it was a bit risky, don't you think?~

"What can I say? It was a good opportunity, and a nice excuse to kill the target. If it meant completing the mission and making it look like an accident, then I had to take it!"

For a brief moment, there was silence. Then, the crystal hummed a little and the voice of whoever was on the other end resumed his speech.

~And? How did it turn out? Did you succeed?~

Liliana gritted her teeth and clenched her fist a little.

"No, I did not. The pesky tutor and mother interrupted everything. It was a close call, though."

~You fool! You took such a huge risk and didn't even get the job done?!~ The strange man's voice rose a little in annoyance.

"There's no need for concern. It was dismissed as an accident, and no suspicion fell on me." Liliana responded instantly.

She was a professional. Of course, she knew the appropriate time to take action and also how to plan ahead so that in an unlikely situation where her plan failed, she could escape any blame.

~I see… then I won't question you any further on the matter. However, you do remember what your mission still is, don't you?~ The man's voice had calmed down now.

"Of course, I am to integrate myself very deeply into his family, carefully watch over his growth, and then assassinate the target, when the time is ripe," Liliana said, as though reciting a rhyme.

~It appears there will need to be a change of plans, then. From your statement, I take it the target won the bet with his tutor and will now be heading to the Academy, correct?~


~Tch. That can't happen. I had hoped there would be more time, but it can't be helped…~

A broad smile formed on Liliana's face as she knew what would come next from her employer's mouth.

~…Your mission has been altered. The execution date has been shortened. You are to kill the target before he leaves for the Academy… use whatever means necessary!~

Her lips curled, displaying a sadistic grin. The whites of Liliana's teeth were openly shown as her eyes expressed eagerness to complete the mission.

"Understood." She said, licking her lips.

"After such a long time, playing maid… it's finally time to kill… I've been itching for this for so long."

~Now then, I suppose it's time to-~

Before her employer could conclude his statement, Liliana heard sounds of incoming footsteps and quickly deactivated her communication tool. Hiding it within her maid outfit, she looked to see who it was, feigning surprise.

And to her genuine surprise, the one who appeared was none other than her target himself… the young master Jared.

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