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What is Spellbind

Spellbind is a popular web novel written by the author Miss Eryl, covering Fantasy Romance genres. It's viewed by 23.7K readers with an average rating of 4.91/5 and 14 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 16 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Synopsis "Don't fall in love with me". She said to Lucas. "No, I won't you are not my type." Thana is a teenager who belongs to the family of witches, they leave in Zalla also known as a town of witches. She grew up where the magic is her world. As years go by her family moves to Huesca to start a new life. Thana wants to live a life like a normal person, like a teenager's life, but for some inexplicable reason it is necessary to stay away from people. And Lucas came into her life he is an arrogant, boastful and close to all the girls as if all the girls on campus had become his girlfriend. Until one day she just feels like she is falling in love with Lucas and Lucas falling in love with her. She needs to avoid him for fear of losing her power as a witch. Will she able to avoid her feelings, to protect her nature and sustain her power or she will choose Lucas over her power. This is a work of fiction. All names, characters, places, events and incidents are products of the author's imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons living or dead or events is entirely coincidental. Credit to the owner of the photo used for the cover. Please leave a comment and suggestion. Thank you, Miss Eryl

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This is truly a spellbinding story, i can relate to Thana for some reason. Being bullied because you're trying to avoid people usually happens specially in high school but I don't think Thana is a pushover. I can smell a tiny weeny slips of powers? lol I can't wait to see her grow her true ability and of course her interactions with Lucas.


The teacher was afraid of cockroaches but aren't we all a little deep down? I mean they're infectious beings. The story is new and from what I read, I really enjoyed.


A nice story I like how the title of the story was incorporated into the actual writing. Star crossed is just my jam. Keep up the good work author.


This is a fictional book and reminds me of the movie twilight and charmed. I love the fact that love is the exception to her power, more like kryptonite. Nice book


From the little that I've seen, this is a nice book. First, the magical witch element caught me, then the romance. I think this will be like, release that witch. Author, it's a nice work, keep it up.


I've read your romance book before and it was really a good read! And as I read another book of yours, wow! Despite knowing each other, I will tell it as a reader also as an author, you did a great job! I can tell that you are doing great writing in many genres! Keep it up!😊❤


Aight. Another "I came looking for a copper but I found gold" memes. This novel... is beautiful. This novel has the potential to become one of the best novels if people won't sleep on this novel. Good luck to the author! I will give you support!


Love how detailed the chapters are 😍 Can't wait to read moreee and explore what's next yayayaya. I love how creative and fantastic it is. The author writes magic♥️


Amazing read, I love magic and quite a big fan of witches so it definitely my cup of tea. I just feel sorry for Thana, she has to go through so much. I hope life gets better for her.


The magic type novels are growing and best. the which and romance is a spicy ingredient tbh. glad you used it thoroughly. kudos to you Author.


I have to say, this book is very enchanting. I like the way the plot is laid out, how easy it is to understand, and how it draws you in. Great use of words by the way, well done.


Overall a good book to read! Absolutely love magic, so it caught my interest instantly! Keep up the good work author! Its Awesome! I cant wait to read more!


I really love the concept of this story. Falling in love but afraid of losing her powers. I can't wait to see how the story is going to progress.


This was definitely some creative writing. I love how descriptive the chapters are and how the author successfully makes it easy for readers to picture the scenes. Here goes my review. Like I said, It’s a very good and creative writing, that definitely challenges me as an author. The more you read, the more you dive into the book . It’s like the scenes are playing out right in front of you, and in my opinion that’s the quality of a fantastic book. The FL is dope too, always wondering why she’s different . I love how unique and composed she is. The teacher hates cockroaches, mehn, who doesn’t t? I practically jump out of my skin when I see one. lol. And lastly , I’m looking out for Lucas. He’s going to be a really interesting character . I can’t really find a fault in the book. It’s well written and it makes you crave for more. I celebrate the author. A wonderful job you’ve done here. Looking forward to more. Can’t wait for more chapters . Totally love this .


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