Sovereign Of The Skies

"Did I get reincarnated as... A HARPY?!" After having lived a life full of anguish, betrayal and the constant pressures of having to make his parents proud, 17 year old Simon Cavil found himself at death's door after being accidentally run over by a Truck. His blurry and lifeless eyes gazed into the skies and he saw birds flying freely in the skies above him and felt envious of their freedom. Under his dying breath he muttered: "I wish I was as free as those birds." And just like that his wish was granted, and he now found himself in a perilous fantasy world where he must either adapt or perish!

JayModii · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
192 Chs

The Seventh (1)


Berkah tore through the air like a jet, impatiently flying toward the village to claim the gift that his Harpy father got for him.

[By the way... What was that creepy thing?]

[It kept calling me its child.]

[Was that just a dream? A figment of my imagination?]

[...Or is that thing an actual being?]

Berkah chewed his lips, he barely had any explanations as to why he reincarnated and why he had the ability to absorb life force.

The being he met only served to pile on to his list on unanswered questions.

The similarities between that being and the red smoke that he always absorbed implied that the being was responsible for his ability to absorb life force.

[But why me? And why was it calling me its child?]

[More importantly it said I was one of only two... So who is the other one?]

[Is it that Arcadius person it mentioned?]