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What is Soulbound

Soulbound is a popular web novel written by the author Scarletheart84, covering LGBT+ genres. It's viewed by 242.6K readers with an average rating of 4.78/5 and 40 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 165 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Song Jun: Why you are looking at moon so lovingly, gege? Tang Xian: Because I love to see him so much. Song Jun: No, Xian ge, you are not allowed to look at moon. Tang Xian: Why, Judi? Song Jun:Because I dont like it when you look at him like that. You said I am more adorable than moon and I am your moon, then you can look at me whole day. I am not going to hide like him, you can see me everyday. ~~~~~~~~~~ Song Jun: I have loved you since the time I understood the meaning of love, gege! Tang Xian: I have loved you since I saw you for the first time. Song Jun: Then what went wrong, gege? Why it is so difficult for us to get one? Why we have to face so many difficulties? Tang Xian: Maybe god wants us to face hardship to understand the value of love some more. Song Jun: Xian ge, will we be able to meet ever? Tang Xian: Our true love will tell in the end. A 20 year old nation's young idol Song Jun was in love with his Xian ge since he understood what love is? Same for Tang Xian he fell in love with Song Jun at first sight when Song Jun was only a day old. What will happen when two will meet each other one more time after their separation of ten long years? Will they be able to complete their dream of living a life's journey together when Song Jun was heavily injured by the hands of someone who said to be in love with him. The story of love that gets torn into the fight of acceptance and negative sentiments. The story of true love against all odds. ....... Dear readers, It is a medley of angst and love with mature content. You can expect lots of heartbreaks, longing, love making with your cries, smiles, worries and low gasps(A lot of it). Few things that will be propelled in the story Anxiety disorders,mental illness, true soulmates, obsession, possessiveness, Murders, kidnapping, twisted truths ,accidents.

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Hats off to you...You are insane do you know that, right? Your story is promising. I hope readers read it. You are making me cry for these two lovebirds so much. The love I am experiencing with your writing is beyond imagination. I like the story very much and waiting for it to unfold. I must congrats you! Keep it up. I didn't found any mistakes till now and the way you are writing past present situations back and forth, I truly don't know what to say...It's insanely the best.


l highly recommend this book to read by every angst, emotions, BL lover. How love can be so beautiful with pain? You have written a beautiful love story here, which is unfolding with all past and present. If people will see the love as love everything solve the issue. Jun and Xian's love is so pure. Your writing is so different from everyone. The choice of words, phrases, emotions is making this story more interesting and intriguing . I just started reading it and finished 10 chapters in one go. I wanted to review it afterwards but couldn't hold myself from praising .😍❤🌹 This is a story of deep love which is going to make you cry whole time and that's why it is getting deeply inside my heart. I recommend this book to everyone . Read it and fall in love❤


This author does a great job writing with vivid description and does a fantastic job capturing the emotions of the characters. The story is well written and the plot is intriguing and nicely paced. I can’t wait for more! [img=recommend]


The beautiful love story of Xian and Jun. Many heartbreaks, romantic moments, ripened emotions, the reality of life and some events it has everything in it. Wow, you have given emotional touch to every event that happened in the book. ❤ They are born for each other and you showed it from start to end. I loved it so much. You have written too much emotional stuff, in between, it gets a little bored but it can be passed as I am reading it in one go. English is a bit problem but not much, really minor mistakes and in between miss them being together, but as matter of fact some events you need to portray the way story demands you. 👍 But the overall book is the best story. I am first time writing a review. I don't know what should be written. I love your book so much and I want everyone to read this story. A must-read. Congrats to you for writing such a soulful fiction.👏👏👏


This is a highly recommend for those who love BL. But not for someone who loves light romance because this would make them feel sad and will be hard for them to remove this from their mind. I could second-hand feel the pain and emotions of both characters. Just by reading the prologue, you could already feel the pain. How could you hurt me at the very start, author?! The romance between Song Jun and Tang Xian are too precious and they loved each other from the very start, since birth! Their love story is beautiful and painful, I have not yet finished but I had to give you a review now cause I can't hold myself back from telling others of how great this is. Your writing is very unique, I have never read a book with this kind of writing style. I could feel the emotions of the characters and there's something in the way you write that makes it interesting and different from others. I have read other books that is not in a third pov like yours but yours makes me feel that I am reading a diary. Your use of exclamations shows how intense the character's emotions are. I can't explain it well but it's good. They are soulbound and they would not love any other, just the love for the two of them. Such a great book, this is a must read for everyone. Keep it up, author!


I love how it started with angst and then, as you read the following chapters, it is also healing the wound the intro gave to you. I hope everyone will be able to read this gem. 🥺💕


im not particularly comfortable with stories like these, but this one isn't that explicit and doesn't make me feel as uncomfortable...(i am not homophobic) I really enjoyed reading about the past events and the relationship that cooked up between the two over the years. I haven't come across any major grammatical issues that disturb the reader on their journey❤ I felt the emotions of the characters, the heartache, drama...the author describes everything beautifully. I highly recommend this book! to people who are interested in this particular genre😊 the updates are regular so you won't be on a cliffhanger for too long, the character design is good too, you understand each character has their own uniqueness. the world back ground pulls you into their world. This deserves a well earned 5/5 to future chapters!


The story is really sweet bit not all the time sweet, it has the regrets, jealousy and sadness thrown in with it too. The storyline progresses nicely that you won't be confused as to which time it is for the characters.


I think everyone should give it one try. Great work. The feelings you are expressing in your words are surely deep. The love between two heart from childhood kept preserve in their heart is so intense. I really like the concept of Earth and Moon. Your storytelling is way too different from other authors. I like it. Really awe-inspiring. Excellent! A worth read, I say! Keep writing this beautiful story!


Really really great book! :D One of the top qualities in this book is the way the author portrays emotions and feelings, definitely very poetic, beautiful, and intricate! :D I really really like reading about the two main characters' feelings and thoughts, hehe! I can see that those two main characters are very well-thought! <3 Also, I find the author's use of comparison is very unique hehe! Me likey! lots of things are described in an abstract way, and that makes me, as a reader, connect more with the characters' feelings hehe! Great job, authorrr! <3


Wait... I think you have me hooked. I am a sucker for angsty/tragic stories, and I was so happy when saw that element in your book. Then let's talk about the way you describe things, it is beautiful. Awesome job Author


I suddenly bump into this story and it's easy to read, the story is developing very smooth. Keep it up author/writer, hope to read until it's ending.


Aaah, that was good!! I love the idea of bound souls, and how it could potentially break apart the two due to the other obstacles.. It's both angst and good.... Aaaah Good job author[img=recommend]


OMG I LOVE THIS IT IS AMAZING. One of the best stories I ever read so far. Everything about this book is just perfect Great job to the writer.


the novel is so easy to read and the way that the author introduces her characters is good too. the emotions are there and the characters are really promising but nonetheless, the novel is super. worth the read!


I love reading LGBT, BL, GL, or even any thing. And this book is one of my favourite. The characters, contents, update stability, story plots, Grammer, Everything is so good. I love this novel, good work


[img=coins][img=coins][img=coins][img=coins] THIS IS AWESOME, i love the story. I actually like way she expresses everything. Any reader will be attracted to her style of representing something.


I'm not a big BL fan. But this story is great. Most BLs lead with just that. Two boys falling in love. This story offers simply a entanglement of love and grief from many aspects the ventures into its many forms. Yet, it keeps focus on the two MCs. This method offers so much feeling to why they are in love as oppose to simply being in love.


An LGBTQ novel with the right melodrama and romantic tone that anyone will love. The author did a great job capturing the emotions of every character. Well written and engaging. An addition to my collection of LGBTQ novels. Please continue to update chapters ❤


Tears are about to come out from my eyes. I love the way the author write the metaphors. I really recommend you guys to read this book, especially for the LGBTQ community. Good job!!!


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