108 Chapter 108

In a moderately sized closed room, Huang Yu sat on a piece of soft padding on the ground in a lotus position.

His breath was calm and steady, taking long, deep breaths as a soft smile could be seen on his face.

As his eyes slowly fluttered open, he let out a gentle sigh.

At this moment, Huang Yu had broken through to Rank 60, making him a genuine Spirit Emperor.

After consolidating his understanding of the myriads of laws after his battle with Hui Mie, along with a little 'essence' exchange with his lover the night before, Huang Yu found his breakthroughs coming through as quickly as lightning.

If anyone were to know about this, they would very likely be shocked out of their minds.

A sixteen-year-old Spirit Emperor!

Not even the founder of the glorious Tang Sect, Tang San could boast such an illustrious feat!

However, Huang Yu seemed to think differently.

There wasn't even a hint of happiness on his face as he slowly pushed himself up with his hands.

Instead, his expression turned disappointed as he stretched his stiff limbs.

"Jorm… he still hasn't woken up huh?"

Back then, during the battle with the Dragon God's will, Jorm had fallen into a deep slumber in an attempt to absorb some of the Dragon God's powers.

Obviously, a task like this would be nigh impossible for any normal Spirit Beast. However, Jorm was anything but normal.

It was a supreme beast tempered by Huang Yu's leftover power of creation! How could such a beast ever be compared to anything other than those at the apex?

Nonetheless, the Dragon God wasn't a joke either. Hence, even with so many extra buffs, Jorm still needed lots of time to truly evolve.

Now that Huang Yu had reached Rank 60, he would need an extra spirit soul in order to allow him to get through the bottleneck between ranks.

Huang Yu had studied them once before, trying to find ways to break through without spirit rings, but the laws of the world were a tough nut to crack.

Nonetheless, he wasn't demotivated by this.

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger!

Unless of course, it was a super debilitating injury such as getting brain damage or some shit like that, but he would digress.

One day, when he was strong enough, he could naturally change the laws of this world.

Abolishing the spirit ring system was only the first step in his true goal...

As Huang Yu opened the door to the cultivation room, he was met with the figure of Hui Mie sitting on the couch.

Plopping onto the couch next to him, Huang Yu asked, "So, what happened to the TV?"

There was nary a hint of expression on Hui Mie's face as he took a sip of tea.

"It broke."

"In that case, what happened to the air-conditioning?"

There was a brief period of silence for a moment before Hui Mie spoke up again.

"It also broke."

"I see. And did any of these have anything to do with you?"

"No," Hui Mie blurted out immediately.

Huang Yu glanced at Hui Mie as he raised an eyebrow. "Really?"

Seeing Huang Yu's reaction, Hui Mie cleared his throat as he spoke with a slightly embarrassed voice.

"Maybe a little."

Hearing this, Huang Yu nodded sagely as he closed his eyes. "I see… you really do deserve to be known as the God of Destruction..."

There was a moment of awkward silence after that as the two men just sat on the couch doing nothing.

Only a few minutes later was the silence finally broken.

"So, that magazine underneath the coffee table… pretty kinky eh?"

Goddammit Hui Mie.

Even if Huang Yu didn't accept him as his father yet, it was still fucking awkward to talk about this type of shit with him.

— — — —

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A bead of sweat couldn't help but trail down the foreheads of Xiao Chen and Romario as they knelt before a large grey throne.

Sitting on it, was the very definition of the perfect lifeform as they had to do their very best to contain their heavy breathings.

They just couldn't help it.

Their King… was just too cool!!!

His head lackadaisical laid on one of his fists as an ordinary wooden staff rested on his lap. His slightly grown out red-hair trailed behind his shoulders as it complemented the beautiful robe on their King's body.

"What are the two of you here for?"

The two Bishops of Nox were snapped out of the trance they were in as Huang Yu's voice entered their ears.

Taking a deep breath, Xiao Chen was the first to manage to properly calm herself as she spoke out.

"My King, first of all, congratulations on your successful awakening of your bloodline. We hope that the King shall live for an eternity"

Hearing this, a cool smile appeared on Huang Yu's face as his fingers toyed with the staff on his lap.

"Hmph, was there any doubt that I would succeed? Anyways, is that it or is there anything else you want to tell me?"

Xiao Chen opened her mouth to continue, but she was cut off when Romario spoke up before she could.

"My King, there is a person from the Holy Spirit Cult that wishes to meet you. I believe his name is Ha Luosa."

As Romario spoke, Xiao Chen couldn't help but throw a dirty glance his way.

Huang Yu saw this of course, but chose not to comment.

It was at this moment that Huang Yu took a double take as well.

The person's name… was Ha Luosa?

The same Ha… as in...


Sorry, he would show himself to the door now.

"Yes, my King."

Getting up from his seat, Huang Yu pretentiously swept his robe to the side as he strode past the kneeling figures of his Bishops.

This move always gets all the bitches.

Plz don't tell Gu Yue that he said that though.

"Sure then. I wanna meet this guy from the Holy Spirit Cult. Maybe he'll have something interesting to show me."

As the two Bishops were about to get up, Huang Yu suddenly stopped in his tracks.

That just reminded him, he would have to buff some of his followers huh?

With Huang Yu already reaching the level of the Gods, he would eventually be going out into the vast universe.

He didn't want Nox to fade out of relevance as his power levels kept increasing just like all the harem members of those guys in Xianxia did, so he would definitely have to help them improve as well.

And he knew just what to do about it.

"Hey, do you guys need some spirit bones?" Huang Yu suddenly asked.

As these words entered the ears of the two Bishops, a look of confusion appeared on their faces.

"My King, isn't your lover the leader of the Spirit Beasts? Did she allow you to give away some of the spirit bones?"

Shaking his head, Huang Yu replied , "No, but just watch."

His third eye opened up on his forehead as it glowed slightly with a bright light.

Weak Force + Strong Force : Power of Creation

Yes, you didn't see that wrongly.

Huang Yu had opened up every single gate during that time he obtained the Blade of Tathagata.

He would have used more of its abilities back when he was fighting against Hui Mie, but weak force could only be lethal, and the strong force was just a bunch of DBZ ki blasts as long as he didn't want to insta-kill with it..

However, the moment all of the gates opened up inside of Huang Yu's head that time, a fifth gate popped up, far larger than the four other gates combined.

When Huang Yu saw it back then, his only thought was to Nigerundayo the fuck outta there.

Based on his calculations, there was a very high chance that instead of an ability behind that gate, it would be something not very good for his health.

As for what… he didn't know…

Maybe like possession from an old monster or something?

Ain't nobody got time for that right?

As for why those two forces formed this power, strong force was the force holding together atoms and weak force was the force that causes beta decay in atoms.

Putting them together, you can turn anything in the world into anything he wanted.

Including lead to gold.

So yes, Huang Yu was an alchemist now as well.

Seeing Huang Yu's actions, the eyes of Xiao Chen and Romario burst wide open.

Spirit bones?

Those were things that they could hardly even dream about!

Although they were Titled Douluos, their ascension happened at an unprecedented rate.

This was as a result of the fact that Huang Yu supported their cultivations with faith energy from his followers along with them spending a massive amount of their time in cultivation.

Hence, they never really got the chance to tussle around with real spirit beasts much.

Even when they did, none of them popped some spirit bones.

So hearing that Huang Yu could just make spirit bones like one would make a plate of rice was incredibly surprising.

The two Bishops didn't know though that if Huang Yu heard their thoughts that he probably would blush.

He was a man of many skills, but his skills in the kitchen…

They were hopeless.

As Huang Yu left the room, the two Bishops remained shell-shocked inside there.

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