401 World 6: Extra Part 5

"I never thought Young Master Xaver had a stalker tendency."

Dian, the famous demon fox, couldn't help but watch as the young dragon stood in a hidden place, gazing at the young Siren who was still unskilled on detecting people with a similar caliber, like his secret admirer.

Who would have thought that the supposedly normal passing of Xaver to one of his business deals in the City B, had caused him to meet Kyler in an accident. And yet, it was enough for the young dragon to have taken a sudden interest regarding the supposedly normal Kyler.

It was just one glance and yet Kyler had once again made the young dragon interested in him. If that wasn't genuine love from the bottom of Xaver heart despite the suppressing seal, then what else could it be?

Kyler's appearance had obviously changed to average cuteness that anyone could have, their past together had been completely erased in such meticulous care that even the young dragon wouldn't doubt it.


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