Song Of The RaptorSong Of The Raptor

Song Of The Raptor

by Chloe_Roissere

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Life and death hang in the balance during my lifespan, who knows what could happen to you should you dare to read these scrolls... You have been warned. The rest is YOUR choice. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Aya's POV ( Present year, 2020 ) This is the first time I have taken quill to parchment to tell my story. It involves power struggles and vengeance between old Gods and Guardians for humanity, the ongoing struggle to keep the peace between vampires and other creatures. Plus, walking the thin red line to keep our existence a secret. There are battles and private wars, and so much blood... Such were the Dark Ages. Then later, seeing my country torn apart, the shogunate destroyed. While the people want to try to exist under the possible rule of one man trying to unify the country. This is the time of the Sengoku Period, to name a few. At this present time, of 2020 I have already existed for thousands of years. I would tell my age, but I think when I explain how it all started, you'll have a good idea. I write these scrolls because I go into battle tomorrow night, only this time, I may not survive. I am Aya Takeda. I am Lady Raptor, and this is my story... my legacy... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Through vengeance and spite, the world of the old Gods and new is about to end by the spilling of the vampire Guardian's blood. Or is it? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Author's Note: Just as a warning, this book is written in the "slow burn" style. Please keep the Comments and Votes coming! Bless you, all for taking an interest in my book! Thank you! Chloè Cover Art By @Ms_EliMonroe on Instagram and Wattpad. Disclaimer: The cover image does not belong to the author

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