Son of poseidon monarch of Quakes, Ice and Domination

An orphan gets reincarnated as the Son of poseidon, brother of percy jackson see as he changes the fates of people around friends and foes alike see as he becomes a monarch that is feared by his enemies and loved by his companions.

DaoistrjijGO · Book&Literature
Not enough ratings
4 Chs


With a lot of thinking I've decided to not drop this fanfic after all I was watching the new Percy jackson TV show and was so pissed off on how they made it. It made me want to come back and write this fanfic since there's not alot of Percy jackson fanfics here on webnovel.

- Leave in the comments section how you want the story to go

* Follow Percy and gods of olympus

*Make a different path if so how would this path start would it be the death of there mother that changes him or how the gods play with them and treat them as expendable pawns

*Make it so the fates bring him to a different world and cover it up as a death and train there and come back strong enough to make his own discions

- Or come up with your own paths any answers are welcomed I'm writing to entertain you all after all