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So Perfectly Inlove


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“Selfish brat!” Mommy was about to slap me when someone held her wrist. I swallowed hard and looked up to see who could it be only to gasp when I found out it was Calvin! He looked furious, like a dragon ready to spit fire. His forehead was wrinkled and his lips were on a grim line. His jaw was clenched repeatedly, and his eyes were like that of the sky's wrath. His dark aura told me that his anger is uncontrollable. “Try to lay your hands on her, and you'll taste the real hell," he said coldly. He spoke as if he was so sure of his words. It sent shivers down my spine. “Who the hell are you, and who gave you the rights to trespass without our permission?!” Mommy turned to Calvin angrily. While I could just stare at him in pure shock and wonder at the same time. How the hell did he get here? Calvin let go of her hands blustery and turned to me. I gasped when he grabbed my waist and pulled me closer to him that I could almost feel the heat of his body because of his burning anger. Everyone's mouth formed an ‘O’, and Mommy's anger earlier has been replaced with shock. "I'm Calvin Mendocino," he said powerfully. His head was held up high and he showed no fear even if he is in the territory of an enemy. He glanced at me. And for a moment, his expression softened. Though his aura remained dark, it felt strange that I'm more than glad that he's here. “I am and your only daughter's husband,” he declared fiercely, eyes still fixed on me. My jaw dropped as my head spun. Everything was starting to blur. And before I knew it, his words were the last thing I heard before my vision blacked out. “Allyssa!"