Slave to the Darkness Book

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Slave to the Darkness


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The world belongs to the humans but what they do not know is that in the dark hours of the night there is a slave market that happens in the woods. No one knows about it except those that are wealthy and pay a fee for the membership. As the slave market moves from town to town, finally they reach its destination where they call up the buyer letting him know that they have arrived with some intriguing goods that he might be interested in. The slave that was bought from the Slave Market in the middle of the night was taken to her new home by her first Master. She feels safe with him but doesn’t remember anything from her past and doesn’t know what secrets lurk in her mind. The Master that bought a new toy thought since she was what he was looking for. He hoped that she would last longer than the rest but what he didn’t expect was the past to come back to him after a hundred years without it. With his new memories he softens up but only for her as she is now his everything, he will stop at nothing to protect her and help each other remember their past together. Excerpt "Just who do you think you are? I will get you thrown out of this area if you continue to loiter around here. I was just having a chat with my soon to be man when you interrupted me." The girl pointed at Yuki blaming her. "Darling, were you going to pick up someone else when you already have me by your side?" Yuki turned and pressed her body up against his side. She rubbed her chest on his side to show that he was hers. "You know that I can not replace you, Liliana. I was only telling these ladies that they couldn't have the purse that I specially ordered for you." He moved his hand to her ass and squeezed. The ladies looked embarrassed for a moment. "No, I will get what I want. I want that man and that purse!" The lady screamed and her face turned beet red. Yuki turned her head over, "you can not control someone's feelings. You can not compare to me in any way shape or form." Yuki turned her head away shapely. "Oh is that so. THEN I CHALLENGE YOU TO A BEAUTY CONTEST!! There is a competition for the queen of the beach today and if you win I will leave you alone and bow down to you but if I win I want that purse and your man!" Cover is a commissioned Product and all rights belong to me and the artist that created it for me.


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