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Skelengel; Tales Of The Boundless One


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When the universe creates a person, they are bestowed with certain traits that we, as mere humans, are aware of. Sportiness, the ability to work with computers, and creativity are all things we may obtain at creation. However, some of those talents extend far past the mortal realm of flesh and blood. They go all the way to your very soul, and these are the ones that we cannot see. These few are destined to become Boundless. And it just so happens that one was designated to die on the fateful day a new god took sight over the earth. This is the tale of Aaron Stone, the once businessman turned planetary traverser. Aided by himself and his potential, he plans to live out his life with peace of mind. However, the universe has it out for him, and it won't let him ever have true peace. However, someone from behind the shadows controls everything, and they have quite a distaste for Aaron Stone. They will try to make his life a living hell. Everything you read here is an account of something going on in the vast universe. Hell, who knows... It may even be YOU who takes his place in the future. [Chapter Length: Above 1k words] [Upload Time: Once a day, if I can. My life has gotten increasingly busy over the past year, so I may have to put novelwriting to the side for a bit. L] If you want a book with a main character who goes around helping every little person, this book isn't for you. It involves death and some gory details, among other things. People and friends will die. These are all part of the universe. [Volume 1: The Awakening Of Boundlessness: Completed] [Volume 2: The Quest For Higher Boundlessness: Completed] [Volume 3: The Fires Of Boundless Supremacy: On-Going] WARNING! Different novel mechanics will be placed into this book, so there will probably be some confusion in ability specifics and other details. Simply leave a comment, or message me on the discord server below, and I can clear up some of the details :) Also, because of the idea of adding multiple different mechanics, there will hopefully be something that suits everyone in this book :) AUTHORS NOTE! Thank you for taking the time to read through this synopsis. It means a lot to me that you even bothered to read this. If you plan to read this book, I will say that, as of me writing this at chapter 320, it gets much better the further you go! Thank you for thinking about reading it, and I hope you will enjoy it! The book is also completely free to read, and I want it to stay that way! I just want people to be able to read and enjoy my stuff! I'm just gonna put the discord link here if you want to access it. You should join if you wanna just talk about the book to the creator and others! We got a general chat, memes, and other things. I hope we will see you there! https://discord.gg/gcrbtk8M63 Also, I have a YouTube Channel! I'm not going to tell you to sub, but it would really be appreciated! https://youtube.com/channel/UCrURywBu-fDA5KQaDPc3GOg [Also, just letting you know, I do actually own the cover :)] [It was made by @chook-in-a-jar on Instagram! Go follow them there!] This book is copyrighted material of ShadowAmeratsu, and cannot be used/altered for any projects without the author's permission.