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SimbiyoZ-The Tale of Immortality


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*I died as thinking what would've happened if I lived one more time. Without any friends, without laughter at all, and I'm sure I've never been loved. No god, no angel, no family, no friend.. Nobody helped me! --- Not even one tiny miracle showed like the movies and books showed us! I realized that there is no miracle, good luck or perfect coincidences in this life. I gave up of those crap. .............. I thought everything would end. I'd sleep and rest forever. What a perfect plan for my eternity ha? That was the fucking plan! But no. Like Damn Earth wasn't enough, now I must live in this f*cking planet full of "Fantasy Crap". Everyone keep talking about magic and miracles. "Just shut up would you!" The village people who talks about evolution, the children blowing fire from their mouth, and the dragons I hear---all of these seem to mocking with me."Don't come closer you piece of.!" I just want a normal life. I'm sorry but keep away your magic and secondhand miracles from me. "Wait, I'm not sorry." On this brand new life, just stay away from me!" ........... ** A story of the rebirth of a person who dies in a life of total misfortune. ** ........... ***Warning: This novel contains real mature content (+18 Violence and Adult Content)***