Auxiliary Chapter (Minor Spoilers)

Mana - A type of power that harness its energy from around the person wielding it to create powerful spells that can destroy mountains and burn cities down to the ground.

Aura - A power that gains energy from inside the person's body, it is achieved by training the will and soul of a person to an extreme measure, with the help of aura they are able to become a stronger and more powerful version of themselves.


1. Humans - The weakest of all the 5 races, they had no affinity for aura nor mana, so in the earlier days they heavily relied on their brain to make things that could help them stand a chance against the other races, but as times became more peaceful, they were taught by the orcs and elves how to use aura or mana.

2. Elven - Known for their pointy ears, exquisite beauty, and long lifespan. This kind is known for being extremely skillful in using mana and quick and flexible bodies.

3. Orcs - These kinds have powerful bodies and are naturally gifted with auras and are known for their signature skill [Warcry] an ability violently emit the aura within them around their bodies.

4. Demons - The only kind inside the [Restore The Crown] to be able to control the monsters that inhabit it, known for their horns and wings and fear-inducing presence.

5. Shadowkinds - Known for their signature black tails they look exactly like humans but they have to power to bring back the dead in the form of bones.


Troi Leobrera

- The main protagonist of Shatter The Bad Ending, has black hair, and brown eyes his looks are quite simple but it has their own charm. He worked as a web novel reviewer, but one day when he sent a well-deserved critique to an author. The unknown author rebuked his claims with a bullet to his head, and now for some reason, he was transmigrated into it.

Reynold Heartsteel

- The main protagonist of [Restore The Crown] the novel which our main character fell into, bears fair skin, blonde hair, black eyes, and a muscular build as he spent his days mostly training and lifting weights as a pastime.

Gwen Lynine

- One of the four main heroines inside [Restore The Crown] she has pale skin, eyes akin to the sea, and a personality as cold as it also. She's the only heroine who wields a gun in a world where swords and staffs reign supreme.

Xayah Vienna

- The second heroine of [Restore The Crown] with violet hair and red eyes, this elven beauty captures the hearts of men and dames, but her eyes are only set upon Reynold, yet no matter how cheerful she may be if any girl touches her man, she'll show her fangs.

Millia Delanne

- The third heroine of [Restore The Crown] she had long black hair that covers her eyes and she might be timid and shy but her powers as a shadowkind do not lie.

Cassandra Coldfeather

- The fourth and final heroine of [Restore The Crown] If you ever gaze your eyes on her prepare your heart to be melted, her long red hair and face full of freckles and golden eyes will easily make you entranced with her.

Oliver Fairfield

- An orcish friend of Xayah and Gwen, in [Restore The Crown] He was a side character that vows to protect his childhood friends.

Nathan Heroux

- One of the main antagonists in [Restore The Crown] he has a red hair and deep black eyes yet behind his noble stature lies something akin to a beast.

Wyatt Greywolf

- He was a minor villain in [Restore The Crown] with long black hair, silver eyes, and almost tall as a pine.

Mark Vilford

- A minor character in [Restore The Crown] he has blonde hair and black eyes.

Kyle Gillian

- Another minor character in [Restore The Crown] he has blue hair and brown eyes.

Ms. Rebecca Will

- The homeroom teacher of the Honor Class in [Restore The Crown] she has red hair and green eyes.

Bernard Valdez

- An extra in [Restore The Crown] but after meeting our protagonist decided to help him out, he has brown hair and black eyes and his trusty claymore never leaves his side.

Braum Tyresia

- The dean of the Academy of Tyresia, he has green hair and a body built like a boulder with a golden gaze that could instill fear in his fellow men, his right shoulder ended on a stump but that does not mean he could end your life with a thump.

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