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Matsu-chan is one of the most outstanding authors in Webnovel, I can tell you this because I've read some of her novels. I completely and honestly can recommend you to read every novel she wrote. This time, however, she will make another masterpiece on top of her collections of treasures packed with overflowing emotions that would make you want to read and ask for more chapters, entertaining plot, and interesting characters. I am looking forward to your work, Matsu. And congratulations on creating this novel on top of al thel stress and negativity around you. All the best and I hope you win! --Poisonlily 💕💕


Beautifully written. Author XOMatsumaeohana has a way with words that most writers often neglect. Whenever I read her works it feels like I have been transported into the book. I can feel the characters emotions like they are my own. 🤧 One day I want to achieve this high standard of writing.


The synopsis is already high level but the first chapter is mind blowing. For this WSA please stress less, and continue doing what you love. All your books deserve the attention they get.


Look who wrote the book and tell me why I can't give her five stars? Author XOMatsumaeohana once again wrote another master piece. Thank you so much author.


A book by this author will never disappoint anyone. But even more she can convey the words people hold back and supress in their hearts. She conveys such beautiful and sad feelings in her books.


It's been a while I've written a review and from the synopsis and the first chapter as of it's release (13-05-2022) I can say I'm in love with the theme, although it follows a niché approach. Matsu sama has brought upon yet another masterpiece. An improvement in her writing skills, which is a plus to the development of the story. I hope this book suits those who are lovers of mystery, supernatural, depressing yet refreshing content. Join the ride as we play Sherlock with Sumire and Mamoru!!! Would support this book all the way.


I really want to see how Sumire overcomes her severe case of depression. This would be a big hope with people in the same situation, seeking for a solution. I enjoyed the first chapter a lot, as it kept me hooked with Sumire's spiraling emotions and predicament. I am very much interested in her past, likewise her future. I want to know how she turned out that way, and her journey to getting better. Well done Author Lyn for bringing this wonderful story to us... ❤️❤️❤️


The author started with DS on this site and now she is writing works like this. [img=recommend] She has improved a lot and as a long time reader I am so happy for her.


Just realised I have yet to leave a review. Author XOMatsumaeohana's stories are all great. But SCM holds a special place in my heart. This story is the start of everything ☺️


XOMatsu is one of my favourite webnovel authors. She is the reason why I stay on this platform and my library? It's all her books and only a few others


checks all the tags. Preparing for the upcoming torture events. But I brought tissues with me. I am ready to cry a life's worth of tears to keep reading this.


Author XOMatsumaeohana scares me with how fast she improves. If you thought eternal melody was good, then you should read this. Her frightening power to improve her writing. You worked hard author.


The opening chapter is unusually long for FL but I would not cut any words from it. The author wrote everything perfectly, and once again her emotional level of writing has been elevated to new heights.


XOMatsumaeohana will make you cry reading her works. But the tears end up being worth it. Another book with Sumire as the FL 😍 that scores high points with me.


I was going to wait for more chapters before I reviewed this book. But, I have to do this now. The opening chapter is the best one I have read in a long time. I cried. Such genuine feelings.


Monster without a name = The author who is going to make us cry, smile, and feel so many emotions in this book. Prepare for the feels train.


If you read XOMatsumaeohana's previous works you should know what her speciality is. Writing tragic and emotional works isn't easy. Since most people prefer to read happy and light hearted stories. There are some that end up sounding superficial. But that is not the case with XOMatsumaeohana's books.


Words cannot describe how well written each word is in the opening chapter. Sumire's emotional conflict are heavy topics that most people her age should not have to go through.


With each new story, the more my expectations for this author increase. I am happy to continue following her on her writing journey. Congratulations on the 8th book here.


The story of Sumire is conveyed beautifully through the words, it gets dark and depressing at time but still carries an allure that can keep you hooked. I look ahead to how everything will unravel, and Sumere overcomes her biggest hurdle, herself.