Serenity: Chosen to Be Mother Nature Book

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Serenity: Chosen to Be Mother Nature


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I ran throughout the forest, seeking some sort of refuge, some sort of haven. A handful of scientists, had captured me to become an experiment when I had healed quickly from the scars, cuts and bruises from my skin. I had refused to tell them about any information, concerning whether or not I was a werewolf, although they had witnessed that I had a 100% DNA showing that I was a human. They were the ones who were working with the rouges, the same ones who killed my parents. My heart dropped at the sight that I had saw. They tortured them, took blood samples, gave them drugs to force them into carrying on with their plans, and they killed whoever were useless to them. When they saw my parents as useless, they wanted me. They were amazed that I had human DNA, yet I had the ability to heal faster like werewolves. They were the real monsters and I needed to stop them. Not like this though, not when I was trapped in a metal cage. I knew I had to get out of here but I didn't know how. How could I as a thirteen year old get out of this kind of situation? I was tortured everytime I refused to give them any information to about my pack. I couldn't risk their safety anymore so I kept quiet and I would do it over and over again. "What's the coordinates of her pack?" I strained my ears to hear what they were saying. "Longitude 53° W and 147° S... It's located in a forest..." I held my breath, frightened of how they got the information and where they were hidden. I swear, they always kept hidden ever since my father and godfather were kids. "Stay here, watch the girl she might escape... I'll go with the others..." My breathing started to speed up, as I panicked. I prayed for the Moon Goddess to get me out here and quick, knowing that if I was late, the pack that I love will shatter. I had to do something. What happened next, felt like a dream. ***Read on to find out what happens***


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