1 Prince Adonis

Gledville High School in the country of Erasia

"Look at Evan! He's super hot today!"

"Three points again! He never misses a shoot!"

"Aww! I wish I could date him. Our Prince Adonis!"

In a basketball court on one corner of the school ground, some male students were having a friendly match. It was lunch break and the students were free to do whatever they wanted yet it seemed like almost all the students gathered at the court as all the bleachers were occupied and most of the girls talked about one guy.

Evan Livares.

Amidst the chattering and shouting of his name, Evan Livares never lost his composure. Instead, he briefly glanced at the audience and flashed a little smile in response. This small gesture alone was enough to make the heart of many girls flutter!

Once the game was over with his team winning like always, Evan took a bottle of water from his friends and gulped it. As they saw him drinking water with sweat rolling down the side of his face, the audience was in awe!

"He's a living god!"

Dressed in a school uniform - a white buttoned shirt with a collar; both sleeves that were folded just above his elbow; a navy blue tie striped with grey color in the middle that was loosely wrapped around his neck and grey pants that fitted him perfectly; all these were paired with his super handsome face.

People said that he was perfect in every way. His appearance was always neat and he gave out a respectful aura that always made people look up to him. He stood tall at 180 cms.

Evan Livares had black hair paired with his dark and thick eyebrows that added to his masculine looks. However, his captivating downturned light blue eyes were the ones that always caught people's attention.

He was always good at everything he did, be it his studies, sports, or other co-curricular activities.

At the beginning of the current academic year which was just a week ago, he was even offered to become the Captain of the school's basketball team but he turned down because being the Captain came with many responsibilities and he wanted to dedicate himself to his studies. After all, he was in his final year of high school. Besides, he was already the leader of the school's Cadet Force.

Evan's father was a reputable Army Officer and his mother was a well-known doctor. Just his family background was something to be proud of yet he never behaved proud nor arrogant. Instead, he was humble and friendly and this earned him the respect of his fellow students.

Evan Livares was sitting and chatting with his friends on the side of the court when someone suddenly hugged him on the shoulders from behind. Even without turning around, Evan knew that there was only one person who would do such a thing to him.

His best friend, Colin Winsler.

"Hey, Prince Adonis. Tired of playing?" Colin teased Evan with the familiar playful smile on his face and it earned him a frown from his friend.

Damn that nickname!

"Stop calling me that."

"Why? That's your nickname!"

"I never want a nickname! Why would I need it when I have a name?" Evan Livares retorted.

He never needed a nickname! Besides, out of all the nicknames out there, why 'Prince Adonis'?

Who even came up with such an absurd nickname?!

Colin Winsler let out a laughter when he saw his friend's reaction. Evan was always calm but when it came to this nickname, he always got so worked up. That fell to his pleasure and he always mentioned it for fun.

"Fine then. What about a meeting after class today? It's been a week since school starts and we need to get new enrollments for our Cadet Force. We need to discuss campaigning and all," Colin suggested.

The full name of Cadet Force is Erasian Army Cadet Force (EACF). It was a youth organization that was quite similar to the Army Cadet Force (ACF) in the UK and National Cadet Corps (NCC) in some countries.

EACF was under the maintenance of the Erasian Army. In the country of Erasia, it was only opened for high school students on a volunteer basis and it was a great organization for students who wanted to have the military as a career because EACF was all about discipline, like the military.

Evan was the leader and the highest-ranked cadet of Gledville High School's Cadet Force.

"Not today," Evan bluntly responded to his friend's suggestion.

"Why? Do you have plans?" Colin was a bit taken aback. Cadet Force was always one of Evan's top priorities as the latter dreamed to follow in his father's footsteps and become an Army Officer one day. Even if he was busy, he always tried to make time for it.

"Because today is Thursday. Any day is fine but not Thursday," Evan Livares replied with a little smile on his face. "Let's do it tomorrow. Inform everyone through the chat group and we can start working on it next week. At most, the enrollment process will take about two weeks."

"Okay. Let's do that," Colin agreed. Though he still wondered what Evan's plan was, he decided to not ask him because he knew that it would be some personal matter if he refused to even tell him, his best friend.

They were already best friends for years as their fathers were both in the military and they always respect each other's privacy.

"Good. Then let's get something to eat. The break will be over soon and I'm hungry," Evan said as he glanced at his wristwatch. He rose from his seat and pulled up his friend who was too lazy to stand up on his own.

"How come you survived those two years in Cadet Force with this measly strength of yours?" He teased Colin and the latter responded to it by showing him a grumpy face.

"Not everyone is perfect like you," Colin commented, almost glaring at his friend. Nevertheless, Evan simply chuckled.

When they were about to leave for the school's cafeteria, Evan's eyes swept around the campus as if he was searching for something, maybe a certain someone.

For a split second, his gaze was focused on a beautiful girl who was sitting next to a handsome guy, surrounded by other students on one corner of the campus. Evan flashed a little smile at the sight of the girl but like always, the smile faded before anyone could notice it.....

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