Scarlet's Awakening
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Scarlet's Awakening


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What is Scarlet's Awakening

Read Scarlet's Awakening novel written by the author HeySteff on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy Romance stories, covering romance, reincarnation, r18, overpowered, smut. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


After dying from a terrible car accident, Sheila Legazpi was reincarnated into the body of a Queen named Scarlet Rose from an unknown fantasy world where mythical creatures living in 9 different realms lived. She was a normal woman working in a computer cafe. What is she suppose to do now that she suddenly received 7 loyal servant under her and a husband who actually tricked her into marriage? Plus, she doesn't even know the first thing of being queen! "Save me!"- Sheila's internal screaming *** When those last words were spoken by both of them, Scarlet felt an unimaginable pain tearing her body apart. Her eyebrows creased while she endured the earsplitting pain. Her forehead was sweating profusely and her lips was turning a shade that was pale of color. "Ahh!" Scarlet screamed. She almost let go of Jasper's hands. The pain was unbearable for her but Jasper's little hands held unto hers, encouraging her to endure the pain with him since he was experiencing the same torture as well... She was not alone. When the pain finally subsided the rope connecting them both shattered into pieces. Scarlet was exhausted throughout the whole process. She couldn't open her eyes. Scarlet felt her body weak of strength, fall to the ground, but strong, sturdy arms caught her fall. Right after that, she heard a husky baritone voice. "Finally..." the person's minty breath fanning her face. "You're mine now." *** His gazed went back to his sleeping wife once again, not realizing his feet was taking a few steps closer to her bed before he sat on the edge beside her, not breaking his eyes away from her beautiful face. "What do I do with you…?" His voice was hoarse as he lovingly stroked her cheek with the back of his hand. Then he gently traced the side of her face with his fingers, immersing himself with the feel of her warm skin on his palm when all of a sudden, a slender hand grabbed his wandering fingers before her exquisite eyelids fluttered open, her striking black irises looking back at him. Jasper was stunned motionless right away. His eyes burning with embarrassment feeling he was caught doing something shameful towards her. While his mind was thinking of an excuse, the emotion inside Scarlet's eyes eased up as the corners of her crimson red lips twisted upwards. Her delicate face containing a captivating smile. "Finally... I caught you." Her gentle yet melodious voice said, making Jasper flinch beside her. Disclaimer: This is a Work of Fiction… This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. Please support me and Scarlet's journey! Best wishes! PS: If you have any suggestions, corrections or questions about the novel please join us in the discord server for my story. :D NOTE: I don't own the picture in the cover of this novel. :D Discord Channel: https://discord.gg/XyAwEcz


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ALERT!! SHAMELESS REVIEW FROM MISS AUTHOR! 😄⚠️ Thank you so much to everyone who took their time and gave this novel a review! I really appreciate it a lot! I apologize for the grammatical errors and confusing sentences that you might find in this story. Still a novice writer here! 😂 Have a great day everyone! Ciao!


I don't know much about the story so far as only 2 chapters are available, but I am a sucker for overpowered characters. Sheila seems to be overly noble in the first two chapters, honestly I like that as opposed to the Anti-Hero types. I hope the author continues to write, this web novel has a lot of potential.


A fantasy story that is one of its own. Pretty different with the other WN novels so far. The mc here is also OP and even though she's not smart or clever like the other female mc's she still has a charm to her that makes her just a normal girl that was stuck in situation she can't escape and still makes good out of it. She's kinda relatable. Great book! Has lot of potential. The grammar and spelling aren't the issue and they are just minor so Please continue updating Author-Sama!


reincarnation novels tend to get wonky at times but this feels different. I am looking forward to reading more. I am following all the way with this.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


I read many reincarnation novels but this one was different. It hooked me right at the start. The author has her way with words that you will actually feel what the characters are going thru. I am looking forward to reading more. 😊


Writing is well-done and while the story is not really my cup of tea, I can see potential in it. Maybe it will get better, later on, I need more chapters to see where it is headed.


Ang ganda ng pag kaka gawa... iba sya kaysa ibang mga story na pinublish dito sa WN... REFRESHING YUNG STORY... charater development maganda pagka pakilala..... Its a gem.. one of a kind..


It's a great book. Has a lot of potential. It's kinda different with the other novels here. I like how the main character in this story is a normal person that was suddenly given a lot of responsibility and power that she's pushing herself to be more than what she seems to be. Please keep updating!


More more more more more more more more more! Moooooooooooooooooooore! Please update more! The story become really interesting from the next update to the next. Please don't stop updating!


So far,this book is getting interesting,hope that there will be even more details and a little hint of what might happen afterwards,but still an awesome job,keep it up!!!


The story is great, kinda unpredictable but great. There are still a lot of things a mystery but so far the chapters are getting good. Writing style of the author is pretty great and simple too. Grammatical errors are totally understandable. Please continue updating more!


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the update are getting more interesting and interesting. Updates may be slow and unpredictable but I'm still willing to wait for them patiently. More power to you, Miss Author!


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This story is a gem! The chapters are at a satisfying length and the characters are great especially the female lead. shes a class of her own. she overpowered but not inhumanely perfect. shes as human as she gets and thats what males her relatable. Also, the male lead is also great. the two of them are like magnets. she moves. he moves. 😍


So far I'm liking this story. even though I'm not a fan of reincarnation stories this one has brought my interest in. The main character is as human as she can get and her leading man is a total ❤️. Can't put down the story yet!


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Reveal spoiler


I love this story! Don't think twice in reading this story. I love the characters especially the side characters. I also love how the main couple interact with each other. They are so overly sweet. My dream pair. Sana all!


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