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Salted fish in Marvel World


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"One Piece: Highest Bounty" continued Chinu possesses the Thunder Fruit, which is even more Thor than Thor; the super self-healing and resurgent "Undead Fruit"; the "shock fruit" that caused the earthquake and tsunami; and the invincible domineering ! Hey Thor, you can't release a trace of lightning within my control; hey Wolverine, Phoenix girl, come to hurt each other; shock wave girl, come on, shake together, I can do it with carts, horses, and beds; Hao You'd better stay away, you may die with one punch; Professor X should not invade my mind, the heart network can swallow everything. However, I have chosen to be a salted fish after being so powerful. Black Widow: "A bastard full of bad taste!" Nick Fury: "Unorganized and undisciplined villain!" Bruce Banner: "I can only make myself green, but he can make other men change. Green. Well, the one above your head!"