Safeguarded the Borders for a Hundred Years, My Clan Was Burnt at the Stake Book

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Safeguarded the Borders for a Hundred Years, My Clan Was Burnt at the Stake

Dark Night Too Dark

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# swords and magic 100 years ago, Hoer was a great sorcerer. To protect the peace of the Empire, he resolutely decided to safeguard the borders of the Empire and deter the invasion of the undead forces. Thanks to him, the empire lived in peace for 100 years. Hoer grew old and frail at the borders. As a result of spending years fending against the dark powers, he became corrupted by it, even his Bloodline Origins were corroded. In order to not create trouble for the empire, he chose to spontaneously disintegrate to avoid becoming an undead creature. In the final moments of his life, he chose to return to the empire and visit his clan. With 100 years of peace, his clan should have been able to thrive. Yet when he reached his home, Hoer couldn’t believe his eyes. He found out that his clan was framed and branded the Dark Race. As a result, every single member of his clan had been executed, burnt alive by those noble shams. Hoer went into a frenzy as he learned about what had happened. His heart died and turned into ashes just like his clan, he willingly transformed into the undead. He swore to destroy this empire which he had protected for 100 years with his own hands! “I shall use this flames of the undead to destroy this foolish, useless sham of a government!” “Rise, Undead Army!”


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