31 Chapter 31

"So, how is it?"

"I have bad news and good news.

"Let's start with the good news."

"I can do it. Four months. That should be enough time to replace the energy generator machine in the tower."

"And the bad news?"

"The money."

I can see Ozpin flinch when I say that. Yeah. That is definitely the news that is categorized as bad.

"H-How much? Beacon has some money but not much."

"Three million for the material."


Ozpin looks like he has been stabbed in the chest by a sword.

"I-is there anything you can do to reduce that number?"

"Lucky for you, yes. I have an alternative way of providing you the material needed for the building."

"Oh? What kind of alternative way do you have?"

"Before I say that, let me ask you something."

"Ask away."

"Is it true that all the surrounding land Beacon is owned by Beacon alone? From the endpoint of the Emerald River to the north and the edge of Harrowing Forest to the south."

"That's true. The academy owns half of the Forever Fall forest. The same with the Emerald Forest. We own half of it. Why?"

"Give me a chunk of that land."

"Pardon me?"

"I want a small chunk of land owned by Beacon, and I will search for the material needed for the project myself."

"... Please tell me you will not do something illegal to obtain that material. While I have some sway with the councilman, I can't get you out of the prison when you decide to steal three million Lien worth of material."

"It is legal, I assure you. I already checked all the law books Vale and other kingdoms have, and my way is not illegal."

While underground mining is illegal up to a certain depth but passes that you are legal to do anything you want, sadly, digging to that depth is also illegal. If you have a way to teleport yourself to the legal depth, you are good to go.

Sadly, I did not have the technology to teleport myself to the depth of the earth and did not suffocate myself in the process. That means there is only one way to do it—underwater mining.

With the help of my tech and some of its physics (Minecraft), I can do underwater mining relatively quickly.

Because of the amount of Grimm in the sea, there is no law for the people if they want to mine some material from underwater. It would be suicide.

"... Deal. How big do you want?"

"One hundred by one hundred meters should be good. You can even put surveillance around the area if you do not trust me."

"No. I trust you. However!"

When Ozpin says that, a massive killing intent spreads across the room, and I can feel my body get pressed by an invisible pressure. It was not enough to make me unconscious, but it was enough to make it hard to breathe.

"Don't make me regret giving you that trust. Do you understand, huntsman?"

"Y-Yes, sir!"


After he says that, the killing intent disappears, and I can breathe normally once again. Damn. I almost forgot that he is an ancient warrior who has bloodied his hand for a long time. I really need to watch my actions more carefully. I don't want to wake the sleeping dragon.

"I will finish your paperwork in three days. While waiting for that, I was hoping you could attend the initiation that will happen at ten in the morning. We have an empty room you can use. What do you think?"


|3rd POV|

Ozpin looks at Angelo, who is rubbing his chin before nodding his head.

"Yeah, sure. Let me tell Elizabeth to park my vehicle first."


Just after Ozpin asks that question, a purple hologram appears next to Angelo. The hologram takes the shape of a woman. This young woman is Elizabeth. Angelo and Elizabeth decide to make a shape of her future body, and after three hours of planning, Elizabeth decides to take Angela Ziegler as her base model. She can change it later when Angelo gets the tech tree needed.

"Elizabeth, please park Eli and make sure she did disturb the other people."

"Of course, father."

Elizabeth, the artificial intelligence Angelo created, decided to call him her father. Angelo is not an asshole enough to reject her request.

"Thank you, Elizabeth."

Elizabeth smiles a little and disappears soon after. Angelo looked at Ozpin and was surprised to see that he did not react to the existence of Elizabeth. What Angelo did not know, Ozpin had already met and seen the creation of Penny. He will not be surprised at the sight of an A.I.

"With it being done, can I ask where my room is?"

"Of course. Please follow me."

~An hour later~

After escorting Angelo to his room, Ozpin looks at Glynda and says,

"Glynda, how is the initiation preparation going?"

"We are doing fine, sir. The camera around the forest is set and ready to use. Both Peter and Bartholomew have already been informed to stand by in the hidden spot around the forest where they can interfere in case something happens during the initiation."

"Good. There is a strange movement in the Emerald Forest, and I fear an elder Grimm is hibernating in one of the caves."

"An Elder Grimm? Hmmm, I know a few students that can beat it with enough effort, but they will be vulnerable after that."

"That's why I want both Peter and Bart to stay alert. When we know the students fight against Grimm that they can't beat, I want them to arrive there in time."

"Understood. I know they will arrive in time, but I will tell them just to make sure."

"Good. Lastly, Does Qrow already arrive in the position?"

"Yes. He already arrived in the southern part of Mt.Glenn."

"Is the information true?"

"Yes. He said there was a strange movement around the area. A large number of White Fang personnel roamed the area. Not only that, but they also carry a crate full of dust. It looks like the recent robbery is being placed in this place."

"A human working with White Fang? That is very unusual. Tell Qrow to start investigating. That large amount of dust in a single… I have a feeling that they will not use it for equality—too many things are happening at the same time. I wouldn't say I like it. It looks like I need to call a few favors to help Qrow in his mission."

The Ozpin in the past, before he met Angelo, will continue to investigate and do nothing without strong evidence, but after meeting with Angelo, he knows that he can't stay passive. He needs to take action.

"Also, there is no law against robbing a robber."

That is another reason why Ozpin wants to investigate this movement. With the Beacon's dust spending being cut by half by the Council, Ozpin needs that dust. Not only for the energy but also for the turret ammo, staff weapon's ammo, and even some drones.

Ozpin is a good guy, but he also has a limit. What Council did is basically cripple the academy. Those spending can only be used to power the entire academy leaving the staff needing to buy their own bullet.

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