Ruler Of The Infinite Void Book

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Ruler Of The Infinite Void


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While enjoying his snack he noticed a beautiful girl. She had long blonde hair with scarlet red eyes. She winked at him while he stared at her. There was danger everywhere as he was in the middle of the street. A truck began honking toward him to move out the way but unfortunately, he died like that. .. Of course, his story doesn't end here. He somehow ends up in an infinite void with nothing but darkness surrounding it. Unable to move, he tried to think about what had happened to him since it seemed like he forgot for some reason. ---- As you may have guessed, I am a beginner at writing. I have never really focused on writing but I improved a lot when I published my 'first' novel. Since then I've looked into other novels and tried to compare and see how I could improve them with the right amount of information and dialogue. This novel is the limit of what I can do. Not perfect but also not that bad considering I just started taking it a bit serious since I like the way this goes. I would appreciate criticism on how I write and what I should maybe do differently. I have a weak heart so be easy on me, lol. (:


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