52 Prelude to Spar (Showing Off)

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'What could I possibly ask her? Those two favours are supposed to keep her away from me. But now she wants to cash in?'

'Tell her that you don't have any need for them at this moment.'

Albion lazily suggested to him.

'You do know you won't be able to keep her away for long, do you? You know the possible future, so do I.'

The Dragon inside his head continues to talk.

'We have Riser and Kokabiel coming here soon. Especially Kokabiel, you will be a big player in this because of your status.'

Alex internally frowned. Yep, once he reveals himself as White Dragon Emperor he will be like sugar for bees.

'That's why it would be better if you had 'connections' which you do. Azazel is your 'friend' but not your friend. You saved his ass from another war. But that's about it.

I have no doubt he will come to you more because of your power as White Dragon Emperor. Same with Rias and her needs.'

The teen thought about this some more.

He realised that they most likely would use him to forge the peace between three biblical factions.

This means more interactions…

'Indeed. You can't dodge, so take it like a dragon and tank it.'

"Favours. Honestly, I don't have anything at this moment."

Rias sighed in disappointment. But then she got an idea.

"Why don't you join us on the hunt for stray devils?" The crimson-haired girl clapped her hands happily.


'Agree to it. You will be able to use your Sacred Gear and practise on legitimate enemies which you can kill.'

'You want me to use Divine Dividing in front of Rias' Peerage?'

'We are beyond the point of hiding it. Remember? You stopped a war. You might get Azazel to balance things out for you and make the Devil reel back for a bit but he has Vali who is the Red Dragon Emperor! Most likely. You will be exposed regardless.'


He sighed internally. His brain is still getting over the migraine. This mind game shit is draining him more than necessary, he starts to get dumber the longer this goes on.

"Very well. We can hunt some stray devils."

"Great! Oh, and remember we did form a contract so if you need me for anything don't forget to summon me." Rias winked at him.

Julis, who was sitting next to her boyfriend, had a twitchy eye. She grabbed his hand and squeezed it.

"Yeah, I do remember that," Alex exclaimed with a sigh.

"Can I go home now? I had a long training session last night and I have a migraine."

"Oh, okay. Then go and rest."


Rias smiled to herself when she realised that she was finally making some progress. She might not be able to add him to peerage but she has some confidence that she will be able to get him close regardless!

A few minutes later Blue Circle appeared in the middle of her room.


"Yes. Sorry to appear like this." The Sitri Heiress sighed as she walked over and took her seat.

"You went to the Underworld?"

"Yes. Had some things to clarify…" She explained to the Crimson-Haired girl.

"Sounds serious."

"It is… Alex a couple of days ago stopped a possible war. The issue is that he is not a simple human."

Rias frowned, there is no doubt that he is not simple.

"He is… this generation White Dragon Emperor."

Sona dropped a bombshell on Rias who turned mechanical for a second.

Her head moved forward then back, she tried to say something but she stopped in her tracks.

"This is not all."

"...there is more!?"

"Yes. He beat me in chess. In truth, I haven't won a single match against him, yet." The Sitri Heiress explained with a resigned tone. She wanted this to remain hidden for a while but Alex decided to destroy Fallen Angels in Devil territory.

With Azazel turning in and explaining himself Alex was revealed as the White Dragon Emperor, because of that Serafall decided to tell everyone that he had beaten Sona in a chess match as well.

Her elder sister no doubt wants this thing to get over with. That much Sona is sure of.

"...So that's what it was…" Rias finally realised the reason for the awkwardness radiating from Sona before.


"So what now?"

"I need to tell him everything."

"...Right… So, you do realise that he has an obsessive girlfriend already?" The crimson-haired girl pointed out the obvious. Julis is very close to Alex AND she is territorial.

"...Doesn't change much. We are Devils and he is the White Dragon Emperor. There were only a few instances in history where the White Dragon Emperor or Red Dragon Emperor only had one woman or a man as a wife or husband. They always had Harems."

"...Huh…for how long did you know that he is the White Dragon Emperor?" Rias was interested in this since it appears Sona did her research on these two Dragon Sacred Gears.

"For a few days give or take. I learned it after I lost the chess match."

This made the Crimson-haired girl frown for a bit. Such an opportunity.


After school was over the pair walked to the clothing shop which sells uniforms for Kuoh Academy.

Alex's bought new uniforms since he grew in size.

As they were walking back home Julis proceeded to speak up.

"Those devil girls are getting closer to you."

"...you don't say. We do go to the same class, and one way or another I saved their species from another war. However, in the process, I got closer to Azazel which balanced out the scales. They won't recklessly try to recruit us now.

I do believe this is for the best with the cards we have to play with." The current White Dragon Emperor said with a sigh as he was feeling somewhat better. More than half a day passed and the recoil from the dungeon was wearing off. Though he doubts he will be able to dive today.

"I guess. But it doesn't mean I like it." She huffed with a pout. Alex is supposed to be his and only his. But with this stupid dragon aura, he is getting all the attention!

"Of course not. My beautiful Julis is always my number one in the world~" He pulled his girlfriend into a one-hand hug and proceeded to recharge his 'batteries'.

While he was doing that the girl in question blushed head to toe. She didn't expect him to make such a move out of nowhere.

The reason was quite obvious, he wanted to recharge his 'batteries'. The day was long and he was mentally drained.

"...hey…we can cuddle at home as much as you want! But not in the middle of a shopping mall!" She whispered to him with growing embarrassment.

"...Right. Let's go." He agrees with her but doesn't fully let go. Instead, he changed into hand-holding and proceeded to continue the walk.


As suspected, he wasn't able to enter the dungeon that night. Instead he passed out the minute he put his head on the pillow. He was out for the count.

When morning arrived he was 100% and ready for action. Same with his beautiful girlfriend, the pair made some breakfast and food for school before leaving quite early.

They had more than enough energy, and there was no point in lazing around.

Thankfully this time around Sona sighed in relief when she saw the pair. Their powers haven't increased, they looked the same as yesterday.

The thing was, by this point the Heiress was so on edge that she was getting terrified every single morning that the pair would grow so strong, that no one would be able to stop them!

Yes, it sounds over the top, but over the days she saw how absurdly stronger they get. If she is to make a growing curve on paper it would be absurd.

So her concerns are legitimate.

"Morning Komnenos-san, I have heard from Rias that you accepted her offer to join her on a Stray Devil hunt. Why don't you join me and my Peerage in our training today?" Sona suggested while fixing her glasses she looked extra sharp.

"...I guess? I still need to practise my Sacred Gear."

Her eyes gleamed with happiness. Finally! Some progress! She should use more basic approaches!

"...I will join as well. I am interested in magic. Do any of your girls study basic magic?" Julis chipped in from the side.

"...Of course. I can give you some books on this as well." The Heiress happily agreed, there was a small smile on her lips.


'Of course, they can bribe my Julis with knowledge.' Internally Alex rolled his eyes at how quickly and without fuss his girlfriend joined this session.

Especially since Julis was the most annoyed about the whole chess thing.

"Then we will go after the classes are over."

The pair nodded and proceeded to continue walking towards the classrooms while Sona and her Queen stayed behind to watch if anyone came late for the classes.

The Heiress was pleased with herself that this move worked.

She realised that a subtle approach could get her some gains. Maybe once they see that it's nothing bad they will consider joining her peerage.

'Maybe…I don't know if I will have enough power to reincarnate Alex… that guy is a monster…'

As far as she is aware Longinus with Albion inside of it could cost her all 8 pawns but with the power Alex has right now, she might not be able to do it.

'Well, for now, let's see how it goes.'

Sona sighed, there was some hope that she might be able to tell him about the chess matches and what it meant.


With a burst of blue light Sona's Peerage, Alex and Julis appeared in a place which looked like a park.

Alex looked around. He looked at the sky. It was blue, so they were on Earth. Or at least that's what he thought. The air was fresh.

"So how are we going to do it?"

The White Dragon Emperor asked Sona after finishing looking around.

"We want to see the White Dragon Emperor fight. None of us have seen a Longinus user in action before. That is if you want to?"

'So she knows.'

'Of course she does. Remember who her older sister is? I have no doubt she has a huge envelope with your information in it.

I am surprised she hasn't come to challenge you.' Albion casually mentioned how Alex was on Leviathan's hit list.

Internally Alex gulped down.

'But then again. I am with you and now you have a favour on Azazel so she won't act rashly.'


"Fine. I haven't practised Divine Dividing as much as I wanted to."

'You mean you didn't train at all…'

The teen just rolled his eyes at Albion who decided to comment on that.

With a burst of white light, a pair of wings appeared, the wings were made from blue energy.

"Whoa, so that's Divine Dividing!"

"...He started to emit quite a bit of aura, Kaichou," Momo commented as she noticed the increase in draconic aura. Or at least she thinks that is. They don't have a sensory type of fighter to confirm that.

"...Yes. This is troubling." Sona said that while fixing her glasses.

"What kind of form of combat do you want to do, Komnenos-san?" The Heiress asked him as she stopped whispering with her peers.

Before Alex could answer, Albion decided to comment on it.

'Remember they are not prey who need to be killed.'

'Right… I am the one who is supposed to be telling this to you, not the other way around. You make me feel that I am some hunter freak.'

'You are not? How many wolves did you kill?'

'This… I don't know! I don't count!' Alex got snappy for a second before answering Sona.

"You can decide on that."


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