1 New Phoenix

It was a bright and sunny day.... Wait who was Zane kidding it was gloomy and raining as he sat on the bench, he just got dumped by his girlfriend of eight years who said it was definitely him nothing wrong in her department. He could point out a few flaws but he had a code which was to never bash a woman but she was a bitch so... she had terrible bangs, smelly breathe, to short, and she didn't like books who doesn't like books. Sighing he started remembering all the things they went through together and slowly he went from normal to clutching his chest.

For a few minutes he felt true bliss it was complete nothingness he didn't have any more worries and could just focus on the sweet release, next thing he knew he was inside an all white room. In front of him stood a man who was in a word a God with deadly good looks and hair so wavy that it was fluttering in this windless environment. Zane was trying hard not to yell at this man since he was the exact same kind who his girlfriend had just left him for, "So want to tell me why I'm here please?"

The God stared at him smiling slightly, "I was once like you young man, alone and broken hearted, and yes I say broken hearted because you literally just died of a broken heart."

"I see." Zane took it all in stride not worried much about it.

"I see you are a calm one, well I will get right to the point you can have as many wishes as you want even send you into any world. Choose wisely." The man said taking a brush and brushing his hair.

"Well that's a no brainer I want my own world version of Arrow but keep it as close to the original just take out the stupid time police people, for wishes I want to be an Immortal Phoenix that controls lightning in any way I can imagine. I want to only die if I wish it. Mhmm also give me the IQ of Richard Reed, Tony Stark, and Bruce Wayne combined. Usually I would ask for something about cooking but I been making my own meals since I was ten and owned a five star restaurant so I don't need that. That should be all." Zane said making it 'Simple' as he could because he didn't need much. "Oh wait can you make it where my family is already in Starling City and out me out on vacation somewhere near Nanda Parbat my family should also be rich but keep them away from the Glades project."

"Okay well is there anything else I mean how about you ask to shit rainbows too while your at it." He said rolling his eyes at Zane.

"Nah I'm good just give me that also change my looks a little like instead of this fat belly I want a forever six pack with the V, black hair with a blue electric blue highlights, and one violet eye and one orange eye, with decent looks I don't need to be god sculpted but I should have good looks." Zane said with a smile but he didn't see the man anymore instead he was blocking his eyes from the sun.

He was no longer in the white room instead he was on what looked to be a yacht and his panic immediately set in because he hated large bodies of water and he knew that that God or Man whatever he was did this on purpose because he knew his fear. He might be immortal now but that didn't mean that he was suddenly not going to be afraid of deep water and the man knew it since not even three seconds of relaxing the F*ucking boat exploded. Luckily he was the only passenger since he sent the crew back to land to get some supplies, but now he faced a real problem and that was being in the middle of water struggling to not pass out of sheer terror. It didn't work though as he soon came to his fears and passed out slowly letting the water carry him which happen to slowly take him towards the only beach in the area.

When Zane reached the land he was still asleep from the fear and didn't show any signs of waking so he wasn't aware of the women who was standing over him looking over him with interest but she didn't touch him but moved away. Removing her hood she started a fire with the wood she had brought and collected earlier for her survival training but it seemed she would have to take care of one other person since she had seen the explosion but couldn't d anything about it, well more like didn't want to.

Forty minutes later he woke up shivering from the sea breeze and night air with the smell of burnt fish in the air and someone cursing not so far away from him, looking over he was stunned but not to much because it was a sign he was in the right world. He felt weird wearing wet clothes but didn't have a spare seeing as his boat had exploded so his only option was to wait until he got somewhere where he could get more or hope that she had some for him. Getting up he checked his pockets and noticed he still had his phone which just had water damaged and with his now increased knowledge that went beyond anyone in this world he could use just this one thing to let his parents know he was okay so it wouldn't be another Oliver Queen situation.

Zane got to work taking out the battery and repairing the chip inside but since their was still a little water damage he needed to wait until it would turn back on itself, walking over he went to where Nyssa Al Ghul was since she was in the process of burning more fish. He had to pause before deciding if he should continue or not because honestly he hated fish it was just gross to him, he had cooked it many times but never ate it since he hated the texture of it. Sighing he went and started gutting the closest one to him using her knife that she had thrown to the side in frustration out of not being able to cook a simple fish with a bonfire, she had noticed him but instead of stopping him she watched on. Zane ignored her looks and used the little salt and pepper she had left to coat the fish after he had washed it in the sea before sticking it with a stick and watching it grill on the fire.

While that was going on he turned to her and smiled, "I don't know what you are doing here or how long you are here for but if you promise to train me then I will be your personal cook as long as we are here."

Nyssa looked at him for a moment before answering, "What do you mean by train you?"

Zane took a moment to answer getting lost in her beautiful accent and deep brown eyes, she was exactly like the show and even if he couldn't tell her body movements he knew that she would strike him at any moment if he did the wrong thing. "Mhmm well for one you are dressed like an assassin so it is clear to say you are not normal plus we are in the middle of nowhere so yeah again you obviously aren't normal. So I want you to train me in whatever you know for as long as you are free. Deal?"

She watched him for a moment and didn't really see a reason to reject him so she nodded slowly, "Sure I can do that but only if your cooking is up to par." he kind of realized that she only agreed because she had eaten all the fish he cooked with a satisfied face.

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