Riser Phenex isn't a villain

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"Those bastard Phenex! How long are they going to besmirch the dignity of the original Satan!" 

A handsome man with black hair tied up in a small ponytail and violet eyes, wearing the clothes of a noble, slammed the round luxurious table with rage. 

"Also, that Riser Phenex! I will definitely kill him!" 

When he thought about how his lover died being burnt on the flame of Riser, he almost couldn't control himself. 

Creuserey Asmodeus vowed to kill Riser Phenex! 

"Calm down." Another handsome man with long brown hair reaching his hips with many bangs covering his right eye, dressed in black armor with a cape, tried to calm Creuserey. 

"How could I calm down?!" 

"You are not the only one who is angry! Me too! You should know how I wish to charge into the Underworld and kill everyone in that place, right? Especially the new governor, along with the fallen angel and the angel! Not only me but all of us are here! However, you should know that we don't have funds!" 

Shalba Beelzebub was quite helpless when he thought their funds had already been emptied. 

Whether it was Creuserey or Shalba, they were used to a pampered, luxurious life, and it was impossible for them not to have a treatment that matched their status as the descendants of the original Satans, but they didn't have money. 

If they were still someone with high status and a noble in the Underworld, they could exploit all the devils, but now, as they were part of a terrorist organization, they couldn't do so, and they were in dire, especially when all the source of their income was destroyed by Riser, the devils, the angels, and the fallen angels. 

Not only was the Old Satan faction troubled, but the other factions were troubled as the fake Phenex Tears were their number one income. 

"What are you being fussy about? If we need money, then we can just attack a city or two. If that's not enough, then why don't we rob others? We're a terrorist organization and a devil, you know?" 

Suddenly, a middle-aged man in his 40s with dark silver hair and hazel eyes interrupted the conversation between the two. 

"Rizevim, you are finally going out!" 

"You are too lazy, bastard!" 

If it was someone else, whether Creuserey or Shalba, they might not show much respect, but facing this man, it was different, as he was the son of the original Lucifer. 

Rizevim Livan Lucifer. 

"To be honest, I don't want to go out, but the stock of my wines is emptied, and I have heard that we have lost our source of funds, so why don't we just attack the others and rob them?" 

"That's a great idea! Let them know the terror of the descendants of the true Satans!" 

"Let's attack the Underworld right away!" 

"Let's go!" 

After hearing the idea of Rizevim, Shalba and Creuserey were ready to act since they needed funds to support their lives and activities. 

"Wait a moment, Shalba-sama, Creuserey-sama." 

On the side of Rizevim, a young, handsome-looking man appearing in his early twenties with silver hair tied in a braided hairstyle stopped the two politely. 

"Euclid, why did you stop us?" 

"If you don't have a good reason, even if you are the most loyal servant of Lucifer, we won't give you mercy." 

Shalba and Creuserey stared at Euclid with anger as their dignity was trampled by Euclid. 

"Oi! Oi! He is my servant, you know? It's not your place to scold him." Rizevim then stared at Euclid and said, "Still, you must have a good reason to stop the two, right, Euclid?" 

Even if Shalba and Creuserey were dissatisfied, they knew that Rizevim's status was above them, so they didn't say anything and just waited for Euclid's answer. If this guy didn't have a good answer, then—

"I think that it is inappropriate for us to attack the Underworld." 

"Are you such a coward, descendants of the Lucifage?!" 

"Tell me your reason." 

Creuserey aside, Shalba was still willing to listen. 

Euclid sighed inwardly, thinking that he was talking to children. 

Nevertheless, Euclid's master, Rivezim, tried to hold his laugh as this scene was too funny. 

"If we attack the Underworld, there is no doubt that the current government will notice our presence, and they might be able to track our location. Our plan is much bigger and more grandeur. Moreover, we have been waiting for so long. Can you really accept that everything will crumble due to the lack of funds?" 

If so, then Euclid could only sigh, thinking that there was no salvation for them. 

"As I had said before, what are you afraid of?! With our power gain from Ophis, nothing will be my opponent! Everyone has to bow down under my power!" 

Creuserey emitted a powerful aura, showing the sheer power that he held inside his body. Moreover, fueled up with the feeling of revenge against the new Lucifer, nothing could stop him anymore.

"I just want to say that we should look into the big picture. Even if the new governor is weak against your power, they aren't an opponent that we can look down on." 

Inwardly, Euclid snorted, thinking if Creuserey was so courageous, then why didn't Creuserey attack the current government of the Underworld right away instead of hiding with them?

"We will definitely attack the Underworld, but now isn't the time. Moreover, you should know how poor those nobles are. Except for famous houses such as the Phenex, the Sitri, the Bael, the Astaroth, and many others, all of them are as good as paupers. Instead of wasting our time with the poor, how about we just go strike those who are rich?" 

Hearing the Phenex, the Sitri, the Bael, and the Astaroth, Creuserey, and Shalba frowned since they knew those mentioned by Euclid weren't an easy opponent. 

"Such as?" 

"How about the other mythologies?" Rivezim suddenly said with a smile. "Chinese Myth, Hindu Myth, Greek Pantheons, Norse, and many others. I am sure that all of them are much richer than the Underworld, or rather, let's attack them so we can announce our existence to the world!" 

Those words came from Rivezim's mouth, so natural. It was as if he was born in chaos. 

If there was no chaos in this world, then he wouldn't be at ease and wished to cause destruction, mayhem, and sadness in this world. 

"Other mythologies?" 2x

Creuserey and Shalba fell in silence and thought Rivezim's idea wasn't bad. They have been too focused on the Underworld, so they forgot about the others, but if they talked about wealth, there was no doubt that those Gods from a variety of mythologies were definitely rich. Moreover, not all gods were good at fighting, and many of them were so weak, yet their wealth was so much. 

"It seems it is our time to bring terror to the world." 

"Let's announce our existence to the world." 

Creuserey and Shalba agreed without hesitation. To be honest, they weren't at ease to attack the Underworld as they felt quite unsettled, wondering how the new Lucifer could find all their headquarters and kill all of those who were related to the fake Phenex Tears. However, as someone with a high status, they couldn't change their attitude so easily, and they needed to have an appropriate answer so they wouldn't be seen as a coward. 

Fortunately, Rizevim knew them well, and they quickly agreed with Rizevim's idea. 

Still, they might be stupid, but Euclid wasn't stupid. 

Euclid was the one who created the clone of the devil from the Phenex and led everyone to create the fake Phenex Tears. Frankly, he thought that there was a traitor among them, but no matter how many times he killed those who were suspicious, Riser and the others could still find them. 

To be honest, Euclid didn't really want to attack the other mythologies, but he knew that they didn't have a choice as the Phenex House was too tough. 

Robbing other mythologies might be good and all, but compared to the stable income from the fake Phenex Tears, this action was too dangerous, yet they didn't have a choice, especially when Euclid wished to continue his research. 

Watching the three discuss each other, Rivezim only laughed as he drank wine, but then again, he didn't care much about this world as his dream was much bigger, and as for the current government, the previous government, or dominating the world, he didn't care at all. 


"Unseen Zone." 

At that moment, this room was covered in this technique, and everything in this place became unseen, unnoticed, and even ignored, no matter how loud they were. 

However, no one inside this room realized that except the one who cast this technique. 

Still, this wasn't the end. 

Rivezim suddenly felt intense pain running through his brain before he passed out. However, before he closed his eyes, he saw others also fall similarly. While he felt a chill and felt scared as death was nearby, everything was meaningless as he lost consciousness. 

When Shalba, Creuserey, Euclid, and Rivezim passed out, Riser appeared out of thin air. 

Staring at the four of them, Riser had one question.

"Why were they so weak?"