204 Strange flame

The conflict between Riser and Tannin wasn't something new.

After all, everything started from how Tannin became Riser's opponent during Riser's return Rating Game match. 

However, this conflict began due to the conflict between Sirzech and Riser. 

If Tannin was smart, he would have rejected Sirzech's request so as not to be involved in their conflict, but he was greedy as he wished to gain a favor from Sirzech, yet he lost and didn't gain a favor. Moreover, the continuation of their race was in danger due to his conflict with Riser. 

Especially after Tannin got heated up by saying that he would kill Riser in public.

Moreover, everyone was clear that Tannin would try to hurt Riser's peerage members badly. 

To be honest, everyone felt that it was Tannin, who didn't know how high the sky was. It was all his fault for overestimating himself, as being a Dragon King meant nothing in front of Riser. 

Nevertheless, if Tannin was stronger, then there was room for maneuver. 

However, Tannin was weaker, so he lost everything. 

The world was an unfair place. 

The weak could only be beaten by the strong. 

Nevertheless, those who weren't strong chose to survive, leaning on the big tree known as Riser, Zekram Bael, or the other Maous. It was also due to this they knew the background and supporting characters were their roles, but it didn't matter since they were satisfied with the status quo. 

However, Diehauser was different. 

Diehauser was strong, yet in the eyes of everyone, this guy was stupid for trying to get involved in the problem between Riser and Tannin like a hero. 

Was this guy really a devil?

While Serafall got nervous as she knew about Riser's personality, she would be lying if she didn't get angry at Diehauser. 

Who the hell do you think you are?! 

What right do you think you can ask Riser to forgive Tannin with just a few words?

Just because you are the champion of the "Rating Game"?

Nevertheless, while Diehauser didn't have an influence on the government, he had a lot of fans, giving him support from the public.

'Well, that doesn't seem to be a problem.' 

Compared to Riser, whose family owned the biggest media company, the influence of Diehauser seemed nothing. 

Everyone shook their heads at Diehauser, thinking that this guy was over. Nevertheless, many were looking at Lord Bellial, who stood by Diehauser's side, hoping for no conflict between Diehauser and Riser, especially with the current situation within their society. 

Still, Serafall knew that she needed to say something since the power of Diehauser was necessary, or else, she was afraid of Riser's personality; he would attack Diehauser, but—

Riser raised his hand and still maintained his smile as he faced Diehauser. 

"I guess I need to change my impression of the dragon due to your words, Diehauser-dono." 

"What do you mean, Riser-dono?" Diehauser was confused. 

Riser ignored Diehauser and then looked at Lord Bellial. "Lord Bellial, does the Bellial House have the ability to read minds?" 

"Ah?" Lord Bellial was startled and confused, but he answered. "No, we don't have such an ability. Our ability is "worthless," an ability to invalidate things, such as special abilities, properties, or effects." 

"Then, Diehauser-dono, how could you tell that Tannin was innocent if you can't read a mind?" 

"....." Everyone. 

"That's..." Diehauser was stunned before he answered calmly. "Because I believe that Tannin-dono isn't someone like that. He is a warrior who fights bravely and hates the lazy, so how can such a person do something harmful to us?" 

"So, that's your assumption." 

"...my assumption?" 

"Due to your relationship with Tannin, I am not surprised if you have a biased thought toward him, but what I am doing is for the safety of every devil in the Underworld. If Tannin really plans to overthrow us. Can you take responsibility for this atrocity?

"When millions of the devils die due to your assumption, believing that Tannin is a saint that won't do anything against all of us, can you be responsible?" 

"I..." Diehauser was stunned by Riser's bombardment. 

Yet, Riser wasn't going to let this go and said righteously, "As Tannin's supervisor, I can't do such an irresponsible thing like that since everyone's safety is on my shoulders. 

"All my actions aren't based on hatred, feeling, or even selfishness.

"Instead, my heart and actions are utterly unclouded.

"Everything which I have done is for everyone."

His words were powerful, along with the aura he emitted; everyone could feel the tension and the solemnity of his actions. 

Yet, at the same time, they felt stunned as they thought that this guy was dangerous.

In that short moment, Riser suddenly became a pillar of light, a symbol of justice, or even a martyr. 

For the peace of the Underworld, Riser did all of this. 

Those who didn't have a good head were moved by Riser's words, but those who had a good head felt a cold sweat by Riser's ingenuity and shrewdness. 

Moreover, at the same time, they knew this wasn't the end. 

"I don't want everyone to be hurt just based on your assumption. If you feel that I am unfair, then it is okay since I believe my action is for everyone. This is for our safety and peace of mind, especially with our current situation where many problems come after us one after another." 


By this point, Diehauser couldn't say anything and stared at Riser in a daze as he was unable to say other words. 

Was he going to convince Riser again, telling him that Tannin was innocent?

Would Diehauser be held responsible if anything happened?

Nevertheless, when Diehauser fell silent as he still wished to help his friend, he made a single mistake. 

Riser was vengeful, and would he let Diehauser go after that insolence?

Riser dared to kill Sirzech, so what was a mere champion?

"Nevertheless, your insistence on saving Tannin makes me suddenly feel suspicious." 

Riser narrowed his eyes and said, "Now, I remember that Bellial House seemed to be supporting the old government during the Devil Civil War. I think that we need to observe your house, too, in case you have made a connection with the Old Satan faction and the Khaos Brigade during this critical moment." 


Those words were enough to bring a cold sweat to everyone, especially Lord Bellial and Diehauser. 

For the current government, the old government was taboo. 

There was no doubt a killing or even a massacre was the only option for one who dared to cooperate with the old government. 

So, at this moment, they thought that the Bellial House was going to be over as they grimaced, thinking that even the champion wasn't immune to Riser. 

Yet Diahauser, who was being plotted and slandered, looked at Riser in disbelief as he had never thought their previous warm conversation would suddenly turn into something like this. 

However, Lord Bellial didn't let his son talk and forcefully grabbed Diehauser's head, making him bow. 

"I am sorry, Riser Phenex-sama. My son has been kind, so he is worried about his friend. Nevertheless, while our family might have chosen the old government during the Devil Civil War, our paths have separated, and we don't even have a single connection with the old government. Our loyalty has always been to the Great King and the Four Great Maou now. Please believe us!" 


Diehauser was silent, yet a strange flame was born in his heart.

His heart was complex as it was filled with anger and, at the same time, a realization of powerlessness. He was angry that his father and himself had to bow down toward Riser, apologizing even though he didn't feel he was wrong, but he also realized that the position of champion was nothing in front of Riser as it was unable to do anything in front of Riser's power. 

While Diehauser didn't want to, he didn't want to cause trouble to his family, so he just bowed his head silently under his father's forceful action as he quickly realized what kind of trouble he might cause by antagonizing Riser. 

"It's okay." Riser still appeared as kind as ever. "I can tell that your son is kind, but you need to tell him that we need to see the big picture for everyone's future instead of one's selfishness." 

"It's as you say; I am a failure as a father, and please forgive our insolence." 

As Lord Bellial apologized, he could feel the pressure on his body disappear.

However, Diehauser was different as he could feel an intense pressure that was enough to strangle his neck to die, yet no one said anything as if they didn't want to get involved.

"Riser-kun, what's wrong?" 

Zekram and Lord Bael entered the venue as they watched the commotion that happened. 

"Nothing, Zekram-sama. We just talk to each other since it seems that the champion wishes to have a "Rating Game" with me." 

Riser smiled at Diehauser and asked, "Right, Champion-kun?" 

Diehauser didn't say anything and just endured all the feelings inside his heart. 

"Oh? Really? That seems interesting, but we're about to have a meeting, so how about we talk about that matter later?" 

"That's true." 

As if losing his interest, Riser left with Zekram, Lord Bael, and everyone, leaving Diehauser and Lord Bellial alone. 

"Cough! Cough!" 

Diehauser coughed hard, trying to inhale air into his lungs when Riser let him go. 

"Diehauser, are you okay? You idiot! Why did you have to provoke him?!"

Lord Bellial cried as he scolded Diehauser, feeling so scared that the entire domain of Bellial might be destroyed due to Riser's revenge. 

"...I'm sorry, Father." 

There was nothing Diehauser could say except apologize, as he might bring the destruction of his family due to his selfishness. 

"Forget about Tannin. That guy is dead. Don't provoke him any longer, and just keep quiet!" Lord Belial sighed. "You are already old. Be an adult, okay?" 

Diehauser didn't say anything and just stared at the back of Riser without one knowing what he was thinking. 


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