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Rise of the Lord


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Read Rise of the Lord novel written by the author ThunderSurfer on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering kingdombuilding. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Gerald, born a Viscount's son, spent most of his life since he was six as an enemy Duke's 'ward', nothing short of a hostage. Until a shocking letter arrived requesting that he be sent back to inherit his father's territory and title. Now he has to return and rule the ruin that is his family's lands. Bandits roam and enemies leer. Conspiracies brew and wars rage. Meanwhile, Gerald has to rise with his house from the ashes. Schedule: Updates 4 times a week--> Monday-Thursday. Support me on patreon: https://www.patreon.com/ThunderSurfer Maps:- 1- Tellus Viscounty: https://imgur.com/XsdK6fy 2- World Map: https://imgur.com/a/Grdpp36


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Hey, there. Your Author here. I hope you enjoy the story. I surely enjoy writing it. Also, 5 stars because . . . who lets authors review their own work?


Pretty interesting so far. Bit of a break from a main lead who doesn’t have a cheat system, item or sage grandpas whispering in their ears with secret knowledge or techniques from reincarnating etc. only around 25 chapters out so far, but it’s pretty good, and chapters are lengthy so that’s a plus. It’s a promising novel to keep an eye on. I recommend this novel


This stroy deserves to be on the top rankings, unfortunately it is so underrated. The story is about King Building and Political Intrigue, and I understand not all audinces are keen to read such novels, but for me it is a fresh retreat from all those wish fullfilment cultivation and SYSTEM novels. Rise of The Lord has a solid cast and powerful world building. It does not over explain the ******st stuff just to make for the word count and the author believes in "Show not Tell". It has no over-the-top fights that are impossible to wrap my head around and no cheat sudden strength gains that change the entire dynamic every dozen chapters or so. Some of the MC's decisions annoy me, but again that only proves the author's abilities as I believe those actions are meant to annoy us readers. Again, it is a kingdom building novel with medieval era fights with cavalries and stuff. There is no toppling mountains and overturning seas level character, though there will be a few powerful figures. However, even they have to succumb to the strength of numbers. In concluion, it is a good novel. Try it.


I have until chap 20 and I think that so far this novel has been perfect. The Mc is intelligent but not overpowered which is great for the story. He mostly uses his witty to solve his problems. Another point is the kingdom building aspect which I always enjoy but very few novels do.


The story has been interesting to read so far. I noticed your Warrior system is heavily based on Tales of the Reincarnated Lord, which is fine. I hope you let the kingdom building and political intrigue in this story happen gradually. The only decent kingdom building web novels which I've seen are Release that Witch and Tale of the Reincarnated Lord. Both are pretty popular but weren't my cup of tea for one reason or another. The focus on an industrial revolution in medieval times kind of pushed me away from Release that Witch, it defeated the purpose of reading a story in a medieval setting with magic. In Tales of the reincarnated Lord, it was a hard time remembering all these provinces with weird names, glazed over summaries of battles and *cough* depiction of women *cough*. Anyways I'm just giving you this rating to encourage you to keep writing since a thorough review is difficult this early in the story.


It really draws you in. Definitely recommended to read. I especially like how the kingdom building is done without reincarnation, transmigration, time slip or a 'system'. Which is actually kind of hard to find and seems to be a crutch for a lot of novels. The world building is also nice just the right amount at the right time. But I guess just for me I kinda want to get to know the main character more. I feel like we only know the surface of him in comparison to some other characters but this is by ch72 at lest. But still love so far.


Thanks for chapter. I really like the novel since it is a kingdom building which is more interesting. But it needs stability updates at least 1 chapter a day to increase rank. A good novel will be buried at the bottom if no chapter to read!!!


Good. Has wuxia elements but tries to stay as realistic as possible to real world conflict (medieval in this case). Characters each have "life" in them and supporting characters can sometimes have disagreements with the MC and do not neccesarily obey the MC without question. Each have their own motivations or agendas making each of them unique in terms of personality. Antagonists are sharp and quick witted, they are not dumb but are cautious, callous, cunning and always try to read the situation and act accordingly. MC though appears mature still acts as according to his age, he still feels guilt or remorse from first time experiences ie. first campaign. All in all it is a promising story, the release of chapters is decent and pace of the story is just right.


Finally, a well-written kingdom building novel, a protagonist that control the wars from his study without any superpower. The development of the story and the different characters is constant throughout the story. There aren't any big twists, it is a story that keeps going with its simplicity.


Well i don't know how to write a properly review so let's say that i very like this kind of novel i mean kingdom building, and i'm looking forward to this story development


Writing quality is good, no need to pause since it is easy to understand the grammar. I really enjoy the story development since it is territorial building with cultivation. The MC is smart enough handle his own territory in-spite the pest of bandits and the treat of duke. Keep up the good work. !!!


If you like Kingdom Building maybe you like this one too. Pretty good novel not like other MC that they have advantage of their past life knowledge and skills. I can't judge the MC because it's too early and maybe we have different point of view!! ( the MC is good in Strategy) Guy's try reading this even though this novel lacking chapters and attentions but it's great to understand the MC and the Author too! Poor at English! 😵


Super Solid... This reads like a enjoyable paperback that was properly edited and carefully selected for mass market. Definite similarities to the online great "Tales of a Reincarnated Lord" but with some differences that set up some enjoyable wondering of, "Gee, how's the MC going to solve THAT problem or those 5 OTHER problems?" Good character development, respectable situational world building, and a few truly pleasant quips (When you grow up in the forest, you don't fear the beasts.). It has been 8 months since last postings and that's too bad... or maybe it's OK since the MC is leaving a troubled, barely settled fief for a 6mos round-trip travel arc to the distant capital with only questionable support staff remaining at home... :-( Regardless... I definitely HOPE HOPE HOPE to find this continued!


So what now author? It almost many mos. Still no updates????really?? Then I should remove this novel on my list..####author dropped this one####


Really interesting novel with a realistic plot, characters with each their story and background, and lore well detailed. I discovered this marvel searching something original and what was my surprise when i found this. I recommend this excellent novel who Will interest all the fans of realistic story with just a tout of martial arts.


One of the best novels available. A gripping tale of intrigue, bloodshed, statecraft. Kingdom building is the the most apt tag for this story. The MC is not overpowered. There's no magic (so far) or any common overused tropes, such as, reincarnation, cultivation, game systems, etc, which is a breath of fresh air. Don't skip this one. I caught up within 2 days because I wanted to know what happens next. Amazing and thoughtful storytelling. Could be a masterpiece.


I really don't understand why this is not a more popular novel. The writing is really good, what a nice read.


One of the best novels I've read in recent memory. Brilliantly written intrigue is interspersed with crisp, fluid action. The main character is intelligent but not omniscient, capable but still makes mistakes. All in all, an excellent novel so far.


Truly phenomenal! I'd like to commend the author for his writing skills. The way he portrays the scenes would put almost all those wuxia writers to shame. The story, though slow is extremely satisfying and surprisingly realistic. You could associate with each character. I would easily rate this on par with professional novels out there.


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