Rise of the Evil PhoenixRise of the Evil Phoenix

Rise of the Evil Phoenix

by PlotPlusBeauties

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Men need to be Dragons and women need to be Phoenixes? Who decided that? One woman wanted nothing more than her son to be a Pheonix who would never die and come back to life through Nirvana forever. But... Why die when you can kill? ... The 1st Volume (12 Chapter) can be considered as a prologue since I've used it to give the MC an acceptable and justifiable reason for why he turned evil, and all the evil acts he commits. Therefore, I hope all of you will make a decision regarding the story since the 2nd Volume onwards. ... The novel includes a range of adult elements starting from violence to graphic sex, read only if you are fine with it. The Main Male Lead is a degenerate pervert who does anything and everything for his own fun and pleasure. You have been warned.

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