1 Li Feng

Li Feng

"Congratulations your Majesty! It's a boy!"

"YESSSSS!!!! The heavens haven't forsaken my Yao Kingdom!!!!"

Roaring loudly out of happiness since every one of his wives had only given him female children until now, Yao Cheng rushed towards to see his newborn heir while imagining a grand future where his son would rule the entire Great Cloud Continent.


"Sooooo cuteee! He's definitely going to grow up to become a very very handsome man.."

"I know! Oh how jealous I am of you for obtaining such a son."

"And given how talented you are, he is bound to be similarly very talented as well."

Ignoring the words which despite sounding praising were actually full of venomous intentions and in a way setting her just-born son for failure, Li Xinya was full of smiles as she looked towards her son with a pale face.

Seems like even an expert of her level wasn't completely free of the troubles that came with childbirth.

'Little one, you are the only reason I stayed here even though I hate every single one living in this low-level plane. And now that you've been born, it's time that I leave.'

Kissing her newborn child on his forehead after which he instantly stopped crying and began giggling happily, Xinya showed a pained yet happy smile which turned cold as ice the very next moment.

Hearing the approaching footsteps and sensing who it was that was arriving, Xinya did her best to calm down. But still, this did nothing to stop the cold chill escaping her body and freezing everything around her in a thin layer of ice.

Yao Cheng, the King of the Yao Kingdom, and also the man who took advantage of her weakened state to force himself on her.

Shooting the man who just entered a cold glare which made him feel as if his soul was being frozen, Xinya had to use all of her determination to stop herself from killing this man whom she had nothing but hatred for.

If not for the fact that she had her own plans for the man, Xinya was sure that she would've killed this man a million times over in so many terrifying ways that he wouldn't be able to forget about how he died no matter how many times he was born.

"Hahahahahahaha, the heavens have finally graced me with a son!"

Ignoring the various women who frowned when he said those words, Yao Cheng stepped forward and stretched his hands to take the sleeping boy into his arms.

However, how could Xinya who even hated this man's presence let her touch her son and taint him?

Freezing the man's arm in ice which appeared out of nowhere, Xinya didn't even bother looking at him as she said, "Touch him, and you'll die"

"Ahahaha… of course...of course…"

Chuckling awkwardly, Yao Cheng chose to change the topic while not looking offended in the slightest.

Unfortunately, Xinyi wasn't willing to compromise in the slightest due to which she gave her son a name before anyone else could even try and propose one.

"Li Feng. Your name is Li Feng little one."

'My little Feng'er, grow up to be a Phoenix. A Phoenix who never dies and always rises back from the ashes. That's all that your mother wants.'

Rifling the few strands of hair on the boy's head as she said so, Xinyi began freezing the entire room other than the bed she was on top of.

"Humph! What a rude slut! I can't see why his majesty cares so much about her."

"Yes, your majesty. Didn't you see how outrageous her behaviour was? Naming the boy after herself? It's almost as if she doesn't even put you in your eyes."

"If you leave her like this, I'm afraid…"

"Shut up!"

Growling ferociously and silencing all of the women who were trying to make him angry with the woman whom he just found out was surnamed Li, Yao Cheng released an invisible pressure which forced everyone around him to their knees.

"Talk another word about her, and I'll kill you on the spot!"

"Ye...Yes, your majesty…"

Barely squeezing those words out of their throats, the woman couldn't understand why their husband cared so much about that mysterious woman.

What they didn't know though was that all he was doing was to save them. After all, none of them might remember it due to how quickly everything happened, but there was one point of time during which the woman surnamed Li froze his entire Yao Kingdom including everyone inside it in ice.

Just remembering about it gave Yao Cheng chills and praised his luck for not being dead already.

"All of you only need to mind your own business. If he's surnamed Li, then so what? He's still my Yao Cheng's son!"

"Yes… Yes…"

Nodding their heads like mindless puppets, none of the women knew that Yao Cheng was willing to bear with anything that the mother and son surnamed Li did.

After all, given how strong the woman was, could her son be destined to be any weaker than her in the future?

So what if his son didn't share his surname? Once he conquered the entire continent, who would care about that?

Grinning with his sharp teeth flashing, Yao Cheng broke out in a burst of huge laughter as he left the courtyard while imagining him completing his ancestors' dreams and make the Yao Kingdom rule the entire continent.

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